Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition 3812 May 24- June 7 2019 - Page 19

May 24 - June 7, 2019 FRESHWATER VOL.38 • ISS. 12 FRESHWATER REPORTS: with chartreuse Powerbait from the point. The largest weighed 8 1/4 pounds. Jack A. of Hayward caught three trout while fishing with Rainbow Runner lures from his boat. The largest weighed over eight pounds. Miguel L. of Union City landed a seven-and-three-quarter pound trout while fishing with chartreuse spoons from his boat. Fred M. of Fremont caught a seven-and-three-quarter pound trout while fishing with green pumpkin PowerBait from the area to the left of the swim beach. Three-year old Romero C. of Fremont caught a nearly five pound catfish while fishing with anchovies. CONTINUED FROM PG 12 PARDEE LAKE cont. begin the plankton blooms at Pardee, putting the kokanee on a better bite. - Dan Bacher PYRAMID LAKE Cutthroat Action Heats Up as Lake Rises RENO - For the first time in a while, there has been an improving bite to write about at Pyramid Lake. The action is picking up for both shore and boat anglers. This is welcomed news as the fishing had been fairly lousy for a while. Jeff Morris casually mentioned that the Lyman trolling bite has been pretty decent for boaters trolling from Warrior’s Point and north. Start shallow and then work deeper as the sun comes up. However, the water temperature is pretty much ideal for trout at this time, and the fish can be anywhere in the water column. The shore bite has been fair to slightly better than fair; not good, but acceptable. Don’t expect to catch a lot of fish, but there should at least be enough action to be entertained. Dan Tarner sent a text of a 15 pounder he caught on his fly rod. The big Pilot was all colored up and finishing up his spring spawn. Other anglers have been chucking spoons from the rocks around the south end of Warrior’s Point and scratching out slot sized fish. The lake is rising about as rapidly as Pyramid Lake ever rises from all of the runoff flowing down the Truckee River. 17 REDDING Garry Edminster (shown here) and his buddy Sam Lage hit Pyramid Lake in early May and boated some quality cutthroats including this handsome fish while pulling half ounce Hum Dingers. Photo courtesy of SAM LAGE, Mack’s Lure. In some locations, there isn’t much beach left. On the bright side, the Tui Chub spawn should be extremely good this spring/summer, and the trout will have a ton of forage available leading into the 2019/2020 season. - Mike McNeilly QUARRY LAKES Trout Are Still Biting LIVERMORE – Rainbow trout are still biting at Horseshoe Lake, though you can expect the channel catfish and black bass action to perk up as the water temperature warms up. The park district planted 1,000 pounds in the lake the week of May 6-10 and another 1,000 pounds the week of May 20-24, according to the East Bay Regional Park District. Many anglers have found success on trout at the lake lately. Just ask Eli D., who caught three trout weighing between 2 and 7 pounds while fishing with nightcrawlers from Fisherman’s Row. Franco caught four trout while fishing Flies, Lures & Bait Produce Sac River ‘Bows To 5 Pounds! REDDING- - Fishing trips on the Sacramento River below Redding are producing from 15 to 30 wild rainbows to 5 plus pounds per day. The average fish is running 14 to 18 inches and trout to 23 inches are common. A variety of tactics are working for anglers targeting the river’s rainbows. The Fly Shop reports that fluctuating flows on the river have causing the fish to move around a bit, but have not impacted the bite. In terms of flies, rubber legs are working well. The fish are keying in on anything that is large and brown or black. There have been some hatches of PMDs, Gray CONTINUED ON PG 18 Team A Dick Nite Spoon With A Water Bobber For Collins Trout! W ith Collins Lake’s robust baitfish population, Dick Nite spoons are a great option, but if you aren’t trolling from a boat how can you make use of these small thin spoons that offer little in the way of casting weight? One solution is to team those light spoons with some weight in the form of split shot to allow for comfortable long range casting. The problem with this approach is that to present an offering anywhere near the surface you have to retrieve line quickly before the rig sinks off the map. Unfortunately, when using the small spoons, fast retrieves generally aren’t what you want. The best solution to the problem comes in the form of a clear plastic bobber or “casting bubble” as they’ve been dubbed by some. I call the approach the ‘ol clear bubble trick. The clear bubbles that I’m referring to are oval in shape. The bubble has a hole at either end and a tapered hollow spike wedges into those holes. Your main line can be threaded through the spike. Outfitter Business FOR SALE! Basic bubble rigging goes like this. Take your bubble and pull the spike out exposing the holes. Submerge the bobber in water and shake it around to force out the air and let in water. Without removing the bobber from the water, shove the hollow spike through the holes until it is firmly wedged, trapping the water inside. It’s this trapped water that is going to add casting weight to your rig. Next thread your main line through the hollow spike impaled in the bubble. After passing the line though the spike thread on a plastic bead and then knot 3810 USFS- Rogue River & Illinios River Over $400,000.00 in equipment and accessories. For sale for $125,000.00 Call Mark Henry at (503)362-5737 3810 DELTA STRIPERS! Specializing in Light Tackle Live Bait Drifting, Spooning and More! 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Now you’ve got a rig that offers a lot of weight that makes long range casting possible. Once the rig splashes down, the neutral buoyancy of the water filled bobber makes it easy to work just beneath the surface even with a super slow retrieve. For more information about Dick Nite’s full line of tackle visit them on the web at 45 Miles North of Sacramento (530) 724-0552 •