Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition 3812 May 24- June 7 2019 - Page 17

Lake Shasta McCloud Bridge Pine Point Shasta County Samw el Ca ve Point McCloud Nosoni Cove Jennings Crk CG Team Results Moore Crk CG Dekkas Rock Winston Gulch Smuggler Island m Colleen Cove ek ulc h Digger Bay Marina Little Squaw Creek sculpin, Sacramento pike-min- nows, Sacramento black fish, white sturgeon, hardhead minnow, channel squawfish, white catfish, threadfin shad, brown Bev Mierky of Nevada City caught this huge 8.32-pound brown trout during bullhead, the big spring derby at Lake Shasta. The trout grabbed a red dot frog green Speedy Shiner trolled 20 feet deep. Photo by Chuck MIerky, Nevada City. sunfish, and golden shiner are tall evergreen trees and manzanita. among the multitude of species found The maximum depth is 517 feet (158 in the lake. m). Despite the diverse array of fish The lake has four major arms, each species, rainbow trout, brown trout, created by an approaching river: and landlocked king salmon and large- the Sacramento River, the McCloud mouth, spotted and smallmouth bass River, Squaw Creek, and the Pit River. draw the most anglers to the scenic People from all over California and reservoir. the West go to Shasta to fish, boat “Guided trout and salmon fishing and camp. Located 170 miles north trips to Shasta Lake are most often of Sacramento, Shasta Lake is easily successful, as the fish population reachable by car on Interstate 5. It is ensured both naturally and by hosts dozens of bass tournaments, stocking,” said Jeff Goodwin of Jeff especially in winter and spring. Goodwin’s Guide Service. “The key The two-story impoundment hosts to catching trout and salmon in the a variety of both coldwater and area is knowing where to find them warmwater fish species, Rainbow and by using the right bait and presen- trout, brown trout, largemouth bass, tations to get them to bite.” smallmouth and spotted bass, chinook “In early spring, late fall, and winter, salmon, black crappie, bluegill trout prefers to stay right under the and carp, Sacramento sucker, riffle surface, and most trolling methods r G Shasta Dam Centimudi Public Ramp a qu S erlin e Po Bridge Bay int Marina Flume Canyon Frenchman Gulch McClure Gulch s Murphy Fort Crk Cove Canyon Crk t r Fo w C Jones Valley Pt Silv er Res thorn ort Jones Valley Resort y lle p Va m es Ra Jon blic Pu Sandy Beach ake Dewebber Pt Frost Gulch Digger Pt. Corey Cove N Bro S o wn s C kiing any on Museum Canyon Pit rk Pit Pt River Arm Pow one Cre oem Packers Bay Sh Backb Ar m Dolly Cove Little Filmore Gulch Bear C ove Lake Shasta Caverns Kobe en to Gooseneck Pt Cove Alder Crk Adler Crk Ho rse Cr k Zinc Crk Shasta Marina Resort as cra No Skiing Beyond This Pt Lick Canyon Fir st C rk Greens Crk Marina Lakeview Marina Sa Madison Gulch Susanville Canyon Chain GangGulch Keluche Crk Tsasdi Resort Sugarloaf Cottage Madison Canyon Erins Pt eg Gr ach Be rk C ory 1 John Zeman, Mike Giovacchini, Travis Kull 27.36 2 Robby Mannon & Mark Kosiek 25.50 3 Jason Meeuwse, Warren Cooper, Bruce Hamby, 19.10 4 Ed Burlarly & Duane Miller 19.08 5 Nick Brito & Marc Duvall 18.77 6 Kevin & Karla Smith 17.32 7 Ed Grossman, Mark Grossman 16.55 8 Rich Crispi, Rene Villanueva 16.00 9 Josh, Mellissa, Neil and Shelly McGee 15.97 10 Kenny MacDonald, Ken McDonald. Steve McSween 15.95 11 Gary Coe & John Lico 15.68 12 Dennis & David Stoffel 15.62 13 Chris & Mary Dunham 15.06 14 Nathan and Cynthia Lenard 12.30 15 Greg Harris, Rich Fraser 12.13 16 Brian Harris, Larry Calvin, Emil Balthazar 12.02 17 Rich & Tim Collins 11.29 18 Chuck & Bev Mierky 11.26 19 Jim & James Franco 10.99 20 Larry Abernathy, Rand Smith, Alan Finocchio, Alan Traynor 10.47 Dark Canyon Kamloops CG Flower Gulch To Dunsmuir & Mt Shasta City Weigh in 4 trout per day – total weight of 8 fish Hirz Bay Public Ramp Dinner Gulch 2019 Shasta Lake Trout & Salmon Derby 15 May 24 - June 7, 2019 MAP FEATURE VOL.38 • ISS. 12 To Redding and Sacramento Bey This ond Pt t lch le Fla k c Gu u Arb ine r P a g Su Bear Crk Lio n C an yo n Dark Canyon Blu e C any on Da Pa ve C nt ov he e r C rk Note: Map is Skewed To Fit our Format Fishing Notes Rainbow Trout: Rainbows are the staple coldwater species at Shasta. Shad imitating spoons, small plugs and wiggle hoochies are top performing lures. The best action occurs in the summer when the ‘bows are locked within the thermocline. Brown Trout: Shasta holds big numbers of browns to about 8 pounds, but they are elusive. The McCloud Arm in the best area and either Apex Lures or rigged shad are the best offerings. King Salmon: Look for kings in the main body, throughout Dry Creek, The Big Backbone and the Sacramento Arm. Apex Lures, rigged shad or anchovies and various hoochies are the most consistent strike producers. Spotted Bass: The spotted bass population at Shasta is prolific. To catch these 12 to 15 inch battlers consistently all you need is a small selection of Senkos and other soft plastics. to visit the Lake Shasta Visitor will work. In late spring, throughout Center. This is operated by the U.S. the summer, and in the beginning of Forest Service and is located just autumn, both trout and king salmon off Interstate Highway 5 (i-5) in the dive deeper to the thermocline, so small town of Mountain Gate, Cali- downriggers and other depth control fornia. This is about 8 miles north of devices work best for getting your Redding, California. gear down to where the fish are,” said For more information, contact: Goodwin. the Shasta Lake Visitor Center, U.S. “In terms of bait, these trout and Forest Service, 14225 Holiday Road, landlocked king salmon respond exceptionally well to time tested lures Redding, California 96003, (530) 275-1589. and bait products we have utilized through our network of tackle and bait manu- facturers. Having direct contact with industry leaders in the tackle and bait business gives us an edge on the water each and every day,” concluded Goodwin. Before or after you fish Lake Shasta, it’s a Gary Caruso landed this handsome brown while pre-fishing for the Kokanee great idea Power Shasta spring derby. Photo by Dave Barsi, Oak Run.