Fish Sniffer On Demand Digital Edition 3812 May 24- June 7 2019 - Page 15

May 24 - June 7, 2019 VOL.38 • ISS. 12 13 What’s Happening • What’s New What’s Hot! Sponsered by: Unforgettable and Upcoming Fishing Experiences Fifteen plus years ago, my cousin Ernie and I had a bad case of the fishing bug. We wanted to fish everyday but with him living in the Bay Area and me living in Sacramento we could only fish on the weekends. On this particular weekend he came up to Sacramento on Friday night and the next morning we made a visit to Fisherman’s Warehouse. We bought a bunch of fishing gear including new Shimano rods and Abu Garcia reels. I didn’t have a boat at the time and what we enjoyed most was to put on backpacks and walk the banks of a lake a fish for bass. On this weekend our destination was Folsom Lake. We headed down to the Salmon Falls area and walked the bank for several hours. I don’t believe we caught anything and decided to call it a day. On the way home we saw a body of water off to the right of the freeway and since it was fairly early in the afternoon we decided to check if fishing was allowed. We learned that this body of water was called Lake Natoma. Fishing was allowed and that they also rented canoes. We elected to rent a canoe, signed the paperwork and paid for the rental. I will never forget the last words from the attendant which were, “you guys know how to get inside a canoe right?” We immediately answered yes even though neither one of us had ever been in a canoe. We didn’t feel like we needed any instruction since both of us grew up in Alameda which is right on the SF Bay and spent our entire lives around water and boats. I remember being really excited as we walked down the ramp. We proceeded to load up the brand new fishing gear inside the canoe while talking about where we wanted to start fishing. Ernie was the first one in the canoe and sitting in the back. I started to step into the canoe and the canoe started to rock back and forth. I will never forget my cousins facial expression as we realized that this was not going to end well. I only had one foot in canoe and was able to jump back on to the dock. Unfortunately, Ernie and all of the new gear fell into the water. At this point, Ernie is desperately trying to get back on to the dock. I’m laughing hysterically! Ernie is asking me for help but I’m laughing so hard I can’t. Truthfully, I wasn’t to worried about his safety because he had a life jacket on and he was holding onto the dock. Plus, the water was warm. Infl ate your Fishing Possibilities Two guys walked down the ramp and eventually helped Ernie out of the water. We quickly realized that all of our gear was gone and at the bottom of the lake. We knew we couldn’t do anything about it so we walked back up to the rental station and let them know we decided not to use to canoe. Ernie wasn’t to happy with me and we made that dreadful walk back to the truck. Just twenty minutes prior we had smiles on our face, brand new fishing rods, reels and a bunch of new lures in our backpacks. All of that was gone. On that day, Ernie and I had two different perspectives of this event. I thought it was hilarious and could not stop laughing. He on the other hand, didn’t think it was so funny. I’ll admit there are times that I think about this experience and to this day it puts a big smile on my face. Ernie has come around as well and we often laugh together about this unforgettable canoe experience. I tell you this story because I have been dying to fish the Sacramento, Feather Rivers and the California Delta out of a kayak. I haven’t been on a canoe or kayak since my first experience and I am hoping that when I do get a second chance it won’t end up like the first. I was able to get a new 350fx Fishing Explorer Sea Eagle. This inflatable kayak is amazing! It features double layered, nearly indestructible, tough as crocodile hide, 2000 Denier reinforced protective layers, 6 built-in rod holders, forward and aft spray skirts with Sea Eagle exclusive accessory belts to hold your tools, hooks, and lures, a fully adjustable foot brace called the FlexBrace™, 40” FishRuler™, anchor trolley D-rings, a huge max load capacity of 575 lbs., and is completely self-bailing. I elected to equip it with a swivel seat that I think would be more comfortable for long days on the water and more mobility. Especially, while fighting a fish. I also opted for the BP12 Single Stage Electric Pump with Battery. With this pump I just have to set it to the desired PSI and once the kayak is inflated to the set PSI the pump automatically stops. It takes less than 10 minutes to fully inflate your kayak. There is a second half to this story since I was able to fish for stripers on the California Delta. This was an amazing experience and I will tell you all about it in the next issue. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out where you can learn more about quality inflatable kayaks, sup’s, and boats. The Toughest, Most Stable, Most Versatile Infl atable Fishing Kayak Ever! The new infl atable Sea Eagle® Explorer™ 350fx has extra layers of super tough 2000 denier reinforced PVC for extra protection against sharp fi ns and hooks. Other features include 40” built-in fi sh ruler, anchor trolley attachments, motormount attachments, customized accessory belts on both spray skirts for tools, hooks & more, adjustable foot braces, even 16 open & shut drains if you want to hit the rapids! Bays, lakes, ponds, fresh or salt water, this kayak does it all! 800-748-8066 M-F, 9-5 EST for more info Dept FN059B 19 N Columbia St, Ste 1, Port Jeff erson, NY 11777 • Weighs 51 lbs. • 11’6”x39” • Holds 1 Person or 575 lbs. • Defl ates to 31”x19”x10” • Handles Class IV Rapids • Uses Up to 34 lb. 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