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VOL . 42 • ISS . 2
February 3 , 2023

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Bait Buttons can be used with up to a 10 / 0 hook and are offered in two different colors which are red and clear . The color Bait Button you use will depend on your color bait so it can be easily disguised .
Photo Courtesy of Amy Wellenkamp
because the species and size of fish caught on these lures are more desirable over what is being caught , on traditional setups . The action of a Madame Lure swimbait really stands out . A test I give a swimbait when I first look at them is to hold it by the body and give a slight shake to the lure and see how the tail responds . I am looking to see if the tail responds with the slightest of movement . The reason is I want the tail to really wiggle and create lots of action under water , grabbing the attention of these predatory fish . Another attribute I look for is balance , does it swim straight ? And lastly consistency , do the swimbaits from a certain manufacturer have consistent quality . Madame Lure consistently checks all of these boxes each time I purchase their lures I am confident they will perform . Durability is another attribute which is important to me in a lure . When I thread a Madame Lure swimbait onto a leadhead I am not concerned it will split or tear because they are designed to withstand lots of use . From the thickness of the tail , to the material used , they last , even after catching multiple fish . It is frustrating to me to use a lure , catch a fish or two and have it fall to pieces .
The Bait Button dispenser is effective and easy to use . Photo Courtesy of Amy Wellenkamp
How do I make my swimbaits last as long as possible ? I use a Bait Button to hold the swimbait body snug up against the lead head . This way I don ’ t need to use glue , and the swimbait doesn ’ t slip back and rip . It stays in place so the swimbait keeps its integrity much longer , and most importantly this practice makes sure the lure has the best presentation while fishing . What is a Bait Button ? It is a small plastic disc which slides over the hook securing the lure to the lead head . These discs are so easy to use because of the custom dispenser . This dispenser allows me to apply the Bait Button very quickly with no mess . Even while we are switching spots on a higher swell day . Also , there are two colors of the Big Game Size Bait Buttons , clear and red . I like to match the color of the Bait Button with the lure . Swimbait colors , one of the most interesting parts of selecting a lure . I have fished so many different colors and sizes of swimbaits , it is interesting how different days the fish target different colors . If fishing was the same every day it wouldn ’ t be very interesting . Trying to figure out what colors the fish are attracted to at different depths , weather conditions , what bait fish are present , the time of year , there are so many variables . Just prepping for a trip is almost as exciting to me as the actual fishing itself . Because Madame Lure offers so many color schemes for their lures I have loads of choices to experiment with . They even have a Baby Lingcod color , and it works ! My must have Madame Lure colors for rock
Amy Wellenkamp shows how effective a Madame swimbait can be while fishing for both rockfish and lingcod . The water current and depth you are fishing will depend on how heavy of a lead head you use . A 5.5 ” Madame swimbait can be teamed up with a lead head ranging from a 1 / 2oz to even a 8 oz in weight .
Photo Courtesy of Amy Wellenkamp
fishing on the Central Coast are Mackerel Green , Kelp Killer , Pearl , and Purple Shad . I have had much success with these colors in the 3.5 ” and 5.5 ” size . My favorite color for the jumbo swimbait and the creature is the Matin ’ Squid ( 1 / 2 glow and ½ pink ). I have learned I need to have a few of each color with me when I head out on a trip . This way if one of the colors is the hot ticket for a specific day I have a couple of backups . Small swimbait hack : Picture this , ocean conditions are rough , the current is strong and you need to use a heavier weight to even get your lure to the strike zone . However , the fish are only biting the small baits on this day so a large leadhead with a big swimbait are not going to work . Even heavier jigs aren ’ t working . In these conditions I have seen and experienced using this hack and the anglers using this method are catching fish while no one else is . To get these smaller baits to the strike zone add a heavy sinker , then two dropper loops . On the dropper loops add a hook , only a hook , and then the 3.5 ” swimbait body . This way those swimbaits are still swimming , look realistic and are doing their job without being weighted down . All in all , do smaller swimbaits produce larger and higher quality fish , yes , in certain conditions . Especially on those days where the fish are being finicky . Now , go get em ! Tight lines . To learn more about Madame Lures and Bait Buttons visit their websites : www . madamelure . com www . baitbuttons . com
Preparation in the off season can lead to great catches like these two rockfish Amy Wellenkamp is holding up .
Photo Courtesy of Captain J . Patriot Sportfishing


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