Fish Sniffer Magazine Volume 42 Issue 02 | Page 13

VOL . 42 • ISS . 2 February 3 , 2023
rising 6-8 feet daily and I launched on stage 1 ramp at Bidwell .”
- Dan Bacher
Big Cutthroats Active in Shallow Water
RENO - The Lahontan cutthroat bite has been on at Pyramid Lake . The storms have really gotten the fish active . Both retrieving and indicator fishing has been working . The fish have been shallow , both when retrieving and on the indicator
we have been catching fish from 5-9 feet down on both midges and balanced leeches .
Timing and patience are crucial as the water is at its coldest point in the season . Fish are coming into schools and are willing to feed . Most of the fish have come on beetles and boobies on the strip , but we are only letting the flies sink for 10-15 seconds . The retrieve speed has varied almost hour to hour . Sometimes they like it fast and sometimes it seems you can ’ t move it slow enough . Flies we recommend : Booby Fly ( Catwhisker , Deadpool , Spanish Olive ), Pyramid Lake Beetle , Tadpole , Pyramid Lake Bugger ( Northern Lights ), Balanced Leech ( Wine , Peacock , White ), Holographic Midge ( 49 ’ er ).
If you want to get out on the lake with guide Mike Anderson check your calendars and call today . March only has a few free days and February is filling up quickly . Hope to see you out there ! Due to flucuating flows the fishing on the Truckee has been tough . The river has spiked over 2000 Cfs with the recent storms . This has caused the river to be off color . The turbidity of the river does seem to be clearing up somewhat quickly after these big pulses and is fishable just a day or so after the surge . Fish will be pushed to the edges of the river making it easier to target them . Larger flies , Worm patterns , and eggs will supply the profile and color that the fish are looking for to feed . Focus on the inside seam of river as this will be
a place the fish can stack up and keep out of the heavy flows . Flies We Suggest : Beads : San Juan Worm , TJ Hooker , Drunk & Disorderly , Barely Legal , French Nymph , Perdigon ( black ), TNT , Neon Jig , Bead Head Zebra Midge
- Reno Fly Shop
Sturgeon Begin To Bite
PITTSBURG - Sturgeon fishing is just beginning to perk up with anglers getting back on the water in the West Delta and Suisun Bay with the arrival of an extended period of dry weather . On his first trip since the storms , Zach Medinas of Gatecrasher Fishing Adventures concentrated on sturgeon fishing in the “ Watermelon Patch ” area near the Martinez Bridge . “ We really had to look for the sturgeon ,” said Medias . “ The four anglers fishing with me on January 25 caught , tagged and released one oversized fish measuring 64 inches fork length and four shakers averaging 28 to 30 inches long . We used lamprey eel and salmon roe at 50 feet deep .” “ The water is the color of chocolate milk now ,” he stated . “ Hardly anybody was fishing during the big storms and the ISE Show in Sacramento . I saw a few other boats on the water . There are still lots of trees coming down the river .” “ After big storms blow out forage like grass shrimp and kick the water temperatures up is usually a good time to catch sturgeon . The fish have moved out of the Pittsburg area , where they were concentrated during the drought . Some fish may have gone upriver , while others may have gone to San Pablo Bay . In high water years , the CDFW sees good recruitment of sturgeon . The white sturgeon should have a successful spawn this year .” “ Spring is the best time for sturgeon fishing , since that is when we see a bunch of fish going upriver up to spawn ,” added Medinas . The 16th Annual Diamond Classic Catch-and-Release Sturgeon Derby will take place out of Pittsburg Marina on February 4 , 2023 . The Diamond Classic , the brainchild of Captain Steve Talmadge of Flash Sport Fishing , is designed to support youth fishing as well as promoting catch-and-release of white sturgeon . For the first time , it will take place in Pittsburg after the first fifteen years at the Martinez Marina . The derby will begin with a seminar from various captains on sturgeon fishing on February 3 from 5:00 to 8:00 p . m . The final opportunity to register for the derby will be at the seminar . Registration is $ 25 / adults with children 15 and under free . 100 percent of the registration money collected will be distributed to the winning anglers who are selected randomly from tickets that are issued for each slot-limit fish