Fish Sniffer Magazine Volume 41 Issue 16 - Page 19

VOL . 41 • ISS . 16


September 30 , 2022
The derby is held in the memory of Uril “ Compy ” Compomizzo who started the derby . The Antioch Municipal Pier was renamed in his honor for his community service . All children participating in this event will be known as “ Compy ’ s ” Kids . For more information , go to : http :// www . csbawestdeltachapter . org /. Brannan Island State Recreation Area is open on weekends-only from 8:00 a . m . to 7:00 p . m ., and it has been extended until October 1st . anew concessionaire is being recruited for fulltime duty . Only the launch ramp and nearby day-use area is open as the other parts of the park remain closed .
- Dan Bacher
Lyman Lures have been catching huge trout and salmon for over 70 years ! They are designed with uneven weight distribution and buoyancy that creates a fierce darting action that simulates the action of wounded baitfish . Lyman Lures are available in 2 inch and 4 inch sizes and a multitude of colors . The 2 inch size is perfect for rainbow and brown trout in lakes like Shasta , Davis , Berryessa and the Bishop area . The 4 inch size absolutely kills the big Lahontan Cutthroat at Pyramid Lake .
Dill Pickle
Changing Lure Colors Helps Tough Trout Bite
Shasta Lake - Shasta lake is sitting around 139 ’ to crest with water around 74 ° surface temperature and dropping . We are still picking up a few fish even though the fish have scattered and the bite is tough because the shad balls are hard to find . I did try running lead core gear in the morning and picked-up a few but nothing to write home about . My go to lure colors didn ’ t produce as well compared to previous years so this year I have used totally different color spoons with great results . I found changing the lure by adding different color nail polish or running totally different colors helped in catching more fish . Recently , we have been catching

Catch Huge Cutthroat at Pyramid Lake !

Red Dot Frog
Brown Trout
Find these Lyman Lures at the following dealers :
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Will Fish Tackle Auburn ( 530 ) 887-0839
Pyramid Lake Lodge Pyramid Lake ( 775 ) 476-0400
Pyramid Lake Marina Pyramid Lake ( 775 ) 476-0700
Mountain Hardware Truckee ( 530 ) 587-4844 Blairsden ( 530 ) 836-2589
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fish that are pretty clean with very few copepods . I ’ m running between 45 ’ and 80 ’ and are catching smaller fish . The rainbows and browns will soon be going up the arms of the lake which will definitely start the fall and winter fishery .
- Rob Hower , Avid Angler
Fly fishermen battle wild rainbows , Lahontan cutthroats
RENO - The Truckee River continues to fish well as we enter into mid September . Flows have remained consistent on the Nevada side and it ’ s been a pleasant surprise to see flows in the canyon section hover around 500 cfs . Typical of late summer , crayfish have made up a significant portion of the trout ’ s diet in the river . We are still experiencing hot days and as a result are seeing the best fishing in low light / cooler periods early and late in the day . On the Nevada side , flows have been steady between 250-300 cfs . With steady flows , several sections of the Nevada side have fished well . With these consitent flows it seems as if the fish are moving around during the day and finding water conditions best suited them at the time . When water temperatures are at their lowest , fish have been holding in slow water towards the bottom of runs and pools . As the water temperature creeps up , fish tend to move into faster water . When fishing the faster water , try to adjust fly weight to get the right drift . While crayfish are a significant feed item , there are other food for trout available . As the daily temperature increases , small mayflies have continued to hatch . These mayflies vary in a size range of 16-20 . When running a double nymph setup , a small mayfly in size 16-20 will work . Flies such as the Jig TNT , Spanish Bullet , or Galloup ’ s Jig BWO are a great choice to represent the small mayflies . Additionally , caddis patterns have worked well in similar sizes , try the G6 , Krystal Caddis and the OCD . Streamer action has increased as the crayfish activity has increased . Streamer patterns have varied greatly . In low light conditions , large patterns in darker colors ( olive , black , or brown ) swung through slower water and tailouts have worked . As the sun comes out and temperature increases , fishing fast and shallow water with brighter streamers has been our choice .
Crayfish often get dislodged and tumble through heavy current . For those willing to venture into the night , we have arrived at the time of year when mouse fishing is at its best . Now available is the Mousey McMouseface – an
articulated foam mouse with a sharp stinger hook hidden in its tail . This fly pushes water well and has tantalizing swimming action . Many of the smaller jig streamers have worked well recently when fished on an ESN rod . While dry fly fishing is not typically associated with the Truckee River , this time of year can provide good conditions to fish a hopper-dropper rig . With fish holding in fast and shallow water , this rig gives a good presentation for both a dry fly and a nymph . A 2-4 ’ section of tippet between the dry fly and nymph will allow the nymph to get to a good depth in most cases . Our newly received Chernobyl Super Hopper is available in a golden color and is available for purchase online and in-store . Flies we Suggest : Rusty Spinner , Chernobyl Super Hopper , Panty Dropper Hopper , Mini Crayfish Jig , TJ Hooker , Nemec Stone , Daniel ’ s UV Polar Jig , Micro Mayfly , Spanish Bullet , Jig TNT , Galloup ’ s Jig BWO , Barely Legal , Mousey McMouseface , Sparkle Minnow . Heenan Lake has opened for its short season ( Sept-Oct ) and fishing has been very good in the first week . Typical of late summer , fish are concentrated at deeper depths anywhere from 15-25 feet . This is a local favorite since Lahontan Cutthroat Trout ( LCT ) inhabit the lake . While these fish are a bit smaller than the LCT at Pyramid Lake , they can achieve large size in a short time due to the available feed in the lake . Shore fishing can be tough at Heenan due to the weed growth along the edges of the lake , so a boat of some kind float tube will help get you into fishable water . There are a variety of ways to fish the lake , with a deep water indicator setup being the most popular and effective . By using a Jay da Cator on a long leader with bobber stoppers , you can suspend flies at depths in the 15-30 ’ range . Chironomids account for many caught fish and work best when suspended within a foot of the lake bottom . These flies can also be placed effectively in the target zone on a full sink line . Additionally , scuds and leeches fished along the vertical weed lines work well when targeting cruising fish . With a limited fishing season , now is the time to fish Heenan Lake . Flies we suggest : Holographic Midge , Yankee Buzzer , Mini Jigged Leech , Balanced Leech , Hale Bopp Leech
- Reno Fly Shop