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VOL . 40 • ISS . 18 October 1 , 2021

Use Pro-Cure To Increase Your Striper Fishing Success !

Pro Cure for Stripers Striped Bass are very popular gamefish throughout the entire United States . Although these fish eat different baits in different geographic areas only Pro-Cure offers a huge selection of scent flavors to match what these fish are feeding on . The most popular Pro Cure flavors for stripers are Anchovy , Threadfin Shad , Sardine , Eel and Blood Worm . Pro-Cure offers three types of scents to address how you fish . Pro-Cure has Super Gels for all lures , plugs , spoons , spinners , poppers , hair jigs , lead head jigs , swim baits and soft plastics . Pro-Cure offers Bait Oils and Bait Sauces to inject into dead baits or to smear onto live baits . For anglers fishing dead baits they offer Brine n Bite bait brine , Bait Brite brightener , and both the powder and liquid Bad Azz Bait Dyes to color your baits with .
SUPER GELS Made from real whole fresh bait , Super Gel is the ideal scent for lures , plugs , jigs , spoons , soft plastics , swim baits and the large rainbow trout plugs or soft baits . Super charged with powerful amino acids and UV enhanced , this sticky gel matrix will stick to lures and plastics for many casts or long troll times . If you are getting boils and short strikes you need to add Super Gel to motivate those following fish to attack ! Savvy anglers know that adding Super Gel to your artificials will turn follows to hook ups .
BAIT OILS Pro-Cure oils are all made from real bait . Pro-Cure doesn ’ t use artificial scents . All Pro-Cure oils are UV enhanced Use to inject into rigged dead baits . Pro-Cure recommends mixing bait oils with Bait Sauce 50 / 50 for a more potent scent trail .
BAIT SAUCE A blend of real fish oils and whole ground up bait . Because the bait is water soluble we are able to infuse these bait blends with powerful amino acids that bring up the flavor of the bait and also trigger an impulse in a fish ’ s brain to feed . Blending Bait Sauce with bait oil is the most effective method of injecting rigged baits .
BRINING BAITS Salt brines toughen baits but only Brine n Bite bait brine infuses brined baits with amino acids that intensify the natural flavor of your baits and also trigger an impulse in a fish ’ s brain to feed . Adding a few drops of the Bait Brite bait brightener to your brine solution will put a tremendous shine on Threadfin Shad , shiners , anchovies , herring , etc .
Bad Azz fluorescent powdered dyes can be added to your brine solution to turn your shad and shiners the most intense fluorescent colors like electric chartreuse , metallic blue , hot pink , brilliant red , etc . Or you can spot dye individual baits using the Bad Azz Liquid Dyes . In California ’ s murky Delta waters , dying Threadfin Shad chartreuse has been really hot . It ’ s so bright you can see the flash of your rolling bait from 4 feet under .
BUCKTAIL JIGS / NYLON HAIR JIGS : Super Gel can be applied to the head of the jigs and at the base of the hair where it is tied to the jig head . NEVER put the Super gel or oils onto the hair as it will matt down the hair and not allow it to pulse or ‘ breathe ’ as the lure is retrieved .
For more information , visit www . pro-cure . com
anglers focused on lingcod , catching limits of lingcod topped by four fish weighing over 20 pounds . “ We also released a bunch – probably 20 to 30 fish – back into the water to live another day ,” said Aaron Anfinson , Captain of the Bass Tub , after getting back from the Farallon Islands . The first place lingcod , weighing in at 26 pounds , took a $ 1500 jackpot . Second place won a Shimano Tranx reel Third place received a bunch of tackle from Lancer Jigs and Pitbull Tackle . Shimano , Pitbull Tackle , and : Lancer Jigs sponsored the trip . The Bass Tub is going to run more of these trips if anybody is interested . More information : Captain Aaron at 415-706-4947 .  The Happy Hooker , berthed at the Berkeley Marina , reported topnotch lingcod and fishing on September 25 . “ We are ending another trip with full limits of rockfish and full limits of lingcod with a few 20 pounders mixed in ,” said Captain Jonathan Smith of Happy Hooker Sportfishing . “ These have been very fun trips at the Farallon Islands .” More information : ( 510 ) 223-5388 or book at www . happyhookersportfishing . com The California Dawn and New Eldorado 3 also checked in with full limits of rockfish and lingcod same day . The combined score for the two boats was 40 limits of lingcod
( 80 ) and 49 limits of rockfish ( 400 ), reported Captain James Smith . The biggest lingcod weighed 25 pounds . More information : ( 510 ) 417-5557 .
Hulicat Makes Final Trips out of Pillar Point Harbor
EL GRANADA – The Hulicat left the Pillar Point Harbor on September 24 for a customer appreciation day for 20 anglers to enjoy one last ride on the Huli Cat . “ Thank you Captain Tom Mattusch for getting us on the fish , and back home safely as always .,” said Captain Michael Cabanas on September 24 . ““ Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on the Huli Cat and teaching me the ropes , and the tools of the trade .” “ Our regulars had a great time , coming in with 20 limits of quality rockcod for 20 anglers . I ’ ll still be booking trips on the New Captain Pete . We are still fulfilling our obligation to our customers for rockcod and crab combos for the season but just on the New Captain Pete . Give me a call to book your spot . ( 510 ) 677-7054 ..” On September 19 , Cabanas reported “ another fine day on the Deep Reef , with some more quality fish coming over the rail . Anglers caught plenty of vermilions up to 5 pounds , coppers to 4 pounds , yellows up to 3 pounds and 8 lingcod up to 12 pounds . The 15 anglers landed 15 limits of rockcod .”
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