Fish Sniffer Magazine Issue 4018 - Page 14

14 October 1 , 2021 VOL . 40 • ISS . 18
to get the lures past the obstacle . Set the side rods back 40 feet , with the rear rods set back 60 and 80 feet behind the boat .
Rotating Plugs The Brad ’ s Super Bait Cut Plug rig is probably one of the most complicated rigs you will ever use ! However , it produces fish , and you can cover a lot of water at high speeds . Yakima Bait makes a similar lure called the ‘ SpinFish ’. Both of these plugs rotate similar to the cut plug herring rig used by ocean trollers . The cut plug comes with a scent pad inside of the chamber . I will remove this and replace it with a similarly sized anchovy fillet . I switch them out every hour or so to keep the scent trail fresh . I suggest that you invest in a GDF flasher quick release cable to prevent lost fish when using flashers . Based on my experience , they make a big difference in reducing lost fish . I replace the stock hook on each cut plug with an Owner size-1 black chrome 2X-strong cuttingpoint stinger hook ( model ST-41 ). When I tie the leader , I run the line through the rubber-band so the hook is running right at the tail-end of the lure . Similar to spinners , I ’ ll run a stiff and heavy leader to prevent line-twist , like 30 to 40 pound-test fluorocarbon . With cut plugs , the side rods only go out 25 feet , with the rear rods out

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50 and 70 feet behind the boat . The flashers have a lot of pull , so we are using 8-ounce sinkers to get them down . If you see a snag on the sonar , speed up and raise the rods to clear the snag . Once you are ready to fish , troll downstream with the current . Speed will depend on the current , which is affected by the tides and water releases . You will be at the lower-end of the speed range on the incoming tide , and at the upper-end

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Jack Naves poses with a 23-pound salmon that slammed a Brad ’ s Super Bait Cut Plug on the Sacramento River . The rig was trolled behind a Pro-Troll ProChip 11 Fin Flasher near Freeport , CA . photo courtesy of Jack Naves on the outgoing tide . Focus on water that is between 12 and 19 feet deep when trolling in the Sacramento Area . Set you drags loose enough so that a salmon can peel out a little bit of line when hooked . Keep the reel engaged , and turn on your clicker so you can hear the buzzing sound when they strike . There you have it – a quick overview of trolling methods that will put fall-run king salmon into your boat . Hopefully I ’ ve given you some new ideas for hitting the river . I ’ ll look for you on the water .

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