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VOL . 40 • ISS . 18


October 1 , 2021
Fuller / Rucker / Spaulding / Lake Reservoir Facts
Lake Spaulding : offers 25 campsites , ( 13 are walk-in sites ), ( fee ), 5 picnic sites , fishing , swimming , boat ramp , water skiing and an overflow camp . The lake is handicap accessible . Chinook salmon , rainbow trout , brown trout and a sleeper population of brown trout are available . Elevation is 5000 ft .
Directions : Take Hwy . 20 from I-80 for 2.3 miles . Turn right on Lake Spaulding Road , then 0.5 mile to area .
Fuller Lake : offers day use facilities and a boat ramp . The boat speed limit 10 mph . Rainbow and brown trout abound in the lake ’ s cold waters .
Directions : Take Highway 20 from I-80 . Turn right on Bowman Lake Road then approx 5 miles to Fuller Lake . Elevation is 5341 ft .
Rucker Lake : offers 7 dispersed , walk-in campsites ( fee ), fishing , swimming . Non-motorized boating only is allowed here . Largemouth bass , brown bullhead catfish and green sunfish are the three species anglers can catch . Elevation is 5464 ft .
Directions : Take Highway 20 from I-80 . Turn right on Bowman Lake Road , then approx 7 miles to right turn on Rucker Lake Road , ( unpaved ), follow signs for Camp Liahona .
Lodgepole Campround , Lake Valley Reservoir : offers 35 campsites ( fee ), fishing , swimming , handicap accessible . Boaters have to observe a 10 mph speed limit . Anglers target brown , and rainbow trout and brown bullhead catfish .
Directions : Take Yuba Gap exit south from I-80 0.3 mile , turn right toward Lake Valley Reservoir and go 2.7 miles to camp . Elevation is 5800 ft .
For more information on recreation facilities on PG & E lakes , go to : www . pge . com / mybusiness / environment / pge / recreation .
Fuller , Rucker & Blue Lakes Nevada County
To Grouse Ridge Area Lakes
Rucker Creek
Spaulding Tunnel
Clyde Mtn 6052
Black Oak Spring
Rucker Lake Spillway 5462 ‘
Fuller Lake Spillway 5463 ‘
Day Use
To Bear Valley Highway 20
Zion Hill Tunnel 5678
( 4WD
Blue Lake Spillway 5464 ‘
Zion Hill 6204
Rim Powerhouse
Lake Spaulding 5040 ’
Fishing Notes
• Fuller Lake features Rainbow and Brown Trout , a mixture of holdover and planted fish . Float tubers find success on both species using a variety of dry and wet flies , while boaters troll with Rapalas , Rebels and other minnow imitation lures . Shore fishing access is excellent ; Power Bait , nightcrawlers , flies and spinners are all productive . Fishing is good from mid-May when the road is opened to the late fall or early winter when snows prevent access to the lake .
• Rucker Lake has a self sustaining population of Largemouth Bass , Bluegill and Brown Bullhead Catfish , but bass are the most prevalent species . Fish with light line and finesse baits , such as 4 inch Magic Worms , for the best action . Spinnerbaits , crankbaits , jigs and top water lures can also be good at times .
• Blue Lake is in the process of being re-filled from a big drawdown . Rainbow Trout and Brown Bullhead Catfish are found here .
Only )
shotting with Berkley Power Worms and other soft plastics . The CDFW planted 2,100 Goose Lake redband rainbow fingerlings in 1985 . Redband trout , originating in the warm waters of Goose Lake , are uniquely adapted to survival in shallow , warm lakes not suitable for the survival of other trout and char . However , I have never seen nor heard of any trout being taken out of the warm waters of Rucker in recent years . On a trip to Rucker in July 2010 , my neighbor hooked two brown bullhead catfish in the 2 to 3 pound range while fishing a jig off the dam where the cats were protecting their nests .
There is no boat ramp at Rucker , although you can carry in a float tube , canoe or small boat from the campground . Another option for anglers is fishing for brown bullhead catfish at Blue Lake , located at 5964 feet in elevation , on Rucker Creek above Rucker Lake Other nearby angling options nearby include Lake Spaulding and Lake Valley Reservoir . Spaulding , a beautiful Pacific Gas & Electric Company reservoir located on the South Fork of the Yuba River in Nevada County at an elevation of 5,014 feet , was once known mainly for its landlocked salmon fishery , but hasn ’ t been planted for eight years .
There are some wild browns in the lake , along with a sleeper population of smallmouth bass . “ Spaulding is only planted with Inland Chinook , which have been in limited to no availability in recent years ,” according to Jay Rowan , the Senior ES Supervisor-Hatcheries , North Central Region-CDFW . “ When we did have Chinook available in recent years ,, we have prioritized stocking Folsom and Almanor for our region since they have much higher angling use , better fish returns and are close to an urban area .” “ Trout of various species have been tried in Spaulding in the past but returns have been very poor . The last
Chinook plant in Spaulding was 25,000 fingerlings in 2012 ,’ said Rowan . On the other side of Interstate 80 from Spaulding , you can sample the trout and brown bullhead catfish action at Lake Valley Reservoir off the Lake Valley Reservoir Road . You can hook beautiful holdover rainbows to 20 inches while tossing out PowerBait , nightcrawlers , spinners and spoons near the boat ramp and dam or while trolling with nightcrawlers and an array of spoons , spinners and plugs . For more information , contact : Yuba River Ranger District , Tahoe National Forest , 15924 Hwy 49 , Camptonville , CA 95922 , Phone : 530-288-3231 .
Fuller Lake is a popular spot in the Yuba River watershed for anglers to target rainbow and brown trout .
Photo by DAN BACHER , Fish Sniffer Staff
This father-daughter team displays a couple of rainbows typical of those caught at Fuller Lake .
Photo by DAN BACHER , Fish Sniffer Staff