Fish Sniffer Magazine Issue 4013 | Page 8

8 July 9 , 2021 VOL . 40 • ISS . 13

Pro-Cure Making Sardine Wraps Even More Deadly

E veryone knows that wrapping Kwikfish and Flatfish with a sardine fillet makes these plugs absolutely deadly for river salmon , but did you know that the folks from Pro-Cure can help to make your sardine wraps even more effective … Here ’ s how : The Fillet : Use a razor sharp knife or you ’ ll tear up your fillets . Cut right behind the head until you feel the blade touch the spine . Then lay the blade down and follow the spine all the way to the tail . Use your free hand to hold the sardine in place as you work the knife down the spine towards the tail . Don ’ t push your knife through the flesh , but use a gentle sawing action instead . The Trim : This is a huge tip , and if you ’ re not doing it already you ’ re gonna love this ! Put your knife away and do all the trimming to size using a good pair of stainless steel scissors . You can trim perfect fillets every time , and you won ’ t tear the heck out of your delicate fillets . Night One : Adding Scent : Sprinkle all of your fillets with PRO-CURE ’ s Slam-ola Powder in either the regular or garlic formula . This powder will not only toughen your fillets , it also imparts a powerful chemical scent that salmon really go for . Night Two : More Scent : Carefully smear each fillet with either pure sardine oil or PRO-CURE ’ s Sardine Bait Sauce . The Wrap : Make sure your plug is not attached to your main line or leader . With the center slit in your fillet slide your bait up and around the plugs belly hook eyelet . After the fillet is centered around the belly hook start by wrapping either magic thread or stretchy thread around the plug and the front of the fillet . You don ’ t want your wraps to be so tight that you ’ re crushing your fillets into mush , but you want them tight enough that they are indenting into the flesh of the

fillet . When you ’ ve wrapped the front of the fillet to the hook eye flip the hook forwards and then wrap the back of the fillet . The Tune : Even the most perfectly wrapped plug might need to be tweaked a little bit to
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make sure it tracks correctly in the water . Always make sure your plug is attached using a Duolock snap . Never tie your plugs directly to your line or leader . Place your plug in the water right next to your boat , and get it below the surface a foot or so .
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Pull your plug rapidly upstream a few feet and watch what it does . If it ’ s action is balanced you ’ re ready to fish . If it breaks right or left , or runs true for a few seconds and then breaks to either side you need to tune your plug . www . pro-cure . com
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