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New KatchKooler Deluxe “ Keeps your catch fresher !”
VOL . 40 • ISS . 13
July 9 , 2021

Willfish Tackle has Everything you need for Salmon !


illfish Tackle in Auburn is a small store full of the tackle you need to be successful in our area . They have a great selection of quality tackle including many items you can ’ t find in a big box store . For example , they stock GDF and Hawkins Flasher releases , Shelton FBR ’ s , Brad ’ s Cut Plugs , Trinidad Optimizer Spoons and Bait Heads , KRIPPLED bait heads and new KC spoons , Silvertron Spoons , Shallow Glass spinners and much more . Plus they stock Fresh Bait in the form of anchovies , herring , sardines and many others . More importantly , Craig Newton is an ardent fisherman and loves to share his insights with his customers . It is likely that if you go into the store and ask about salmon in the ocean , he will have probably been out fishing in the ocean very

Silver Horde & Gold Star have been making Killer Salmon Gear since 1948 !

Gold Star 8 Inch Dodgers Designed to attract feeding salmon , Gold Star Dodgers are made from top quality spring tempered brass . This material allows the metal to flex when trolled giving the dodger a unique action . The dodgers are fitted with saltwater resistant swivels and welded rings . These dodges come in a variety of colors , but the silver / purple UV , pearl glow and watermelon UV are my favorites .
Ace Hi Fly An Ace Hi Fly is like a hoochie wearing a tuxedo , basically a greatly dressed up version of the old reliable plastic squid . Ace Hi Flies come with a hard bead head that boasts lifelike eyes . The skirt utilizes a hoochie , but adds to it with synthetic flash .
Kingfisher Lite Kingfisher Lite spoons comes in three sizes that range from 2 5 / 8 inches long to 3 3 / 8 inches . They have wide range of color choices in standard , glow and Ultra Violet finishes are available .
close cell foam . It ’ s made with waterproof fabric . BUT , it leaks and is designed to leak . All fish bags do ! There is nothing that will destroy the flavor or texture of your fish faster than allowing it to lay in warm water . For more information go to www . silverhorde . com
recently . He also has a wide group of anglers and guides who report to him consistently , so he almost always has the most recent reports of all fishing in our area . And you may be surprised to note that his

Stock up Now for a GREAT SALMON SEASON !

For Ocean or River , we have what you need !
• Pro-troll Flashers and RSKs
• GDF and Hawkins Flasher Releases
• Hot-Spot Apex
• Brad ’ s Cut Plugs - River and Ocean Patterns
• Shelton FBRs
• Trinidad Optimizer Spoons and Bait Heads
• KRIPPLED Bait Heads and New KC Spoon
• Brad ’ s
• Yakima Flatfish
• Luhr Jensen Kwikfish Plugs
• Silvertron
• Shallow Glass Spinners
Tray Anchovies and Herring Sardines for Plug Wraps
prices are almost always Lower than the big box stores ! Go by and visit Craig at Willfish Tackle , 11954 Masters Court in Auburn , or give them a call at 530-887-0839 .

( 530 ) 887- 0839

11954 Masters Court , Auburn CA Willfishtackle . com

New KatchKooler Deluxe “ Keeps your catch fresher !”

Made from thick high density closed cell foam , waterproof rip resistant outer fabric , large inner vinyl protector for zipper and New Sea Foam Blue color .
The Katch Kooler The small boat angler who doesn ’ t have room for a large ice chest in his boat , the large boat owner who doesn ’ t want to share his food cooler with a dead fish or the bank angler who wants to bring his catch home in prime condition have found the Katch Kooler the solution to keeping their catch in fresh , prime condition . The Katch Kooler is made from high density