Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report AR19 Final - Page 5

Transforming Lives THE REACH OF OUR SERVICES IN FY 2019 21.8K 21K 4K IDD & Autism 17K 5K Adult Mental Health 1.8K 274K+ Forensic Mental Health Diverted from Jail Prescriptions Filled Psychiatric Crisis 2.3K+ Children/Adolescent Mental Health 911 Crisis Calls Diverted 130K Crisis Line Calls 60,510 + 19,441 Agency-wide Services At the Harris County Jail SUICIDE CARE INITIATIVE The Harris Center was designated a Regional Suicide Care Support Center by The Texas Health and Human Services Commission. As such, we serve as a technical support and training hub for Local Mental Health Authorities and other community partners in the region. There are only three Regional Suicide Care Support Centers in the State and The Harris Center is honored to serve as a leader in our region on this important issue. We are a proud participant in the Mayor’s Challenge to prevent suicide for veterans and their families. We became the first Local Mental Health Authority in the State of Texas to have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) directly with the Veterans Administration. This allows us to coordinate care for Veterans and their families getting them immediate access through our Mobile Crisis Outreach Team and linking them to long term behavioral health services. The Governor’s Challenge is making the recommendation that a template of our MOU become a standard at all Local Mental Health Authorities in the State. There is even conversation about using this model at the national level.