Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report AR19 Final - Page 18

Successes by Forensic Mental Health Programs Dual Diagnosis Residential Program The Dual Diagnosis Residential Program (DDRP) is a an evidence based model to address mental health, substance abuse and criminality in a highly structured environment focusing on psychiatric and medical stabilization, pro-social lifestyles and cognitive behavior treatment. from 60 to 100 Beds The program capacity for this unit increased from 60 to 100 beds. ON TOP DDRP implemented mobile tele-medicine capabilities on site, and ranked among the top of 255 programs surveyed by the University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute. Harris County Sheriff's Office Jail Mental Health Services Fully- Accredited Medical and Mental Health Services received full accreditation from National Commission on Correctional Healthcare. 93% no re-arrests Of the 178 DDRP admissions this year, 93% successfully completed the program and were not re-arrested.