Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report AR19 Final - Page 15

CORE: Clinician and Officer Remote Evaluation The Clinician and Officer Remote Evaluation pilot program (CORE) is a partnership of The Harris Center and The Harris County Sheriff ’s Office (HCSO). A tablet and a HIPAA- compliant technology platform is utilized to connect a law enforcement officer and a crisis mental health clinician at The Harris Center to provide assessment in the community on a mental health crisis 911 call. The Harris Center/HCSO CORE program is the future of policing regarding law enforcement response to people with mental illness. Increased Productivity Force Multiplier 71% of the deputies responded that the clinician/psychiatrist helped them handle the call in a shorter period of time. Average length of call was 24 minutes. This program provides nine deputies with full-time access to a masters-level clinician from The Harris Center. Decreased Wait Time Deputies currently have to wait significant periods of time for a Crisis Intervention Response Team unit to drive to their scene. This is eliminated by providing deputies throughout the county with iPads. More Effective Disposition 83% of the deputies responded having access to a clinician helped them decide what course of action to take with a consumer while at the incident