Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report AR19 Final - Page 14

FIRST: Family Intervention Restorative Services of Texas The FIRST program is a diversion program for juveniles with pending criminal charges resulting from a domestic misdemeanor offense. It is designed to negate the filing of criminal charges on the juvenile and allow the juvenile and their family to receive mental health services in lieu of detention and a judicial proceeding. The expectation is to empower the family unit by teaching coping and communication skills necessary to avoid future situations requiring law enforcement involvement. Program Graduates from the six-month program follow through on treatment goals established with the family and the clinician and meet all requirements established by the Juvenile Probation Case Manager. The FIRST program is a collaboration between: • The Harris County District Attorney’s Office • The Harris County Juvenile Probation Department • The Harris Center • Texas Department of Family Protective Services We had our first program graduation of 15 youth. On the second graduation, 39 youth graduated. The number of graduates is expected to continue to grow.