First-Time Investors Guide 2020 2020 - Page 9

Step 1 : Why buy now ? kids ’ education , or overseas family vacation , or buy more real estate with sizeable deposits and create even more income , without negatively affecting their current cash flow . You might be thinking this sounds like a pipe-dream , but it is possible and can be a reality .
“ If you don ’ t change direction , you are going to end up where you are headed ”.
Property has always been one of the safest investments and remains a market with resilience . People will always need a place to live and if they can ’ t buy , they have to rent – which offers some measure of security in terms of a property investment holding steady in volatile times . Real estate investing is not gambling , it ’ s not a quick buck or a scheme to make money overnight . It ’ s a process and it takes time with certain fundamentals being non-negotiable like cash flow , positive cash flow . Cash flow is like oxygen . If you have it , you don ’ t think about it too much . However , cut the supply and all of a sudden it becomes the only thing that occupies your mind .
Here ’ s some wisdom from the Late Jim Rohn :
“ Don ’ t let your learning lead to knowledge . Let your learning lead to action .”
Five years from now when people ask you how you recovered so well since 2020 , it will be what you actually did that will determine where you are , not what you intended to do . Buy cash flow positive properties now . With the low interest rate , it ’ s the perfect time to start investing , if you haven ’ t already . If you ’ re unsure of where to start , contact me , I have many years ’ experience and specialize in Investment Opportunities .
You can also check out an example of a cash flow positive property : The Base Apartments . Click the link more information , it could be a lucrative click for your future .
Sources Ryan van Heerden , Ryan ’ s Realty
Here ’ s my best advice , having survived ( only just ) the Global Financial Crisis of 2009 , which now seems more like a stroll in the park compared to the 2020 Covid chaos . Buy cash flow positive real estate that has the potential for capital growth , and you can survive just about any downturn or future crisis .