First-Time Investors Guide 2020 2020 - Page 14

Step 1 : Why buy now ?

Where Will You Be in 5 Years Time ?

Nobody got this question right in 2015 : Where will you be in five years ?
I remember sitting with a business coach 5 years ago and discussing my 5 year goals and game plan . Let ’ s face it , there ’ s not one person on the planet today that sat down in 2015 and got anywhere close to predicting what their life would look like in 2020 . No one in their wildest dreams could have predicted how upside down our world would be and how much “ bleep ” would have hit the fan in just 7 months .
Let ’ s be frank though , fortunes aren ’ t really made in times of prosperity and economic growth . Real wealth is made during a recession , or even a depression , which is a potential scenario for our beloved South Africa these days . 2025 is 4 years and 4 months away and some investors would have made a fortune and be smiling , while other ’ s will be reminiscing about the good old days before Covid and the crisis of 2020 and wishing what they should ’ ve , could ’ ve or would ’ ve done … but didn ’ t .
So , let ’ s pretend it ’ s August 2025 . Spring is about to arrive and you are “ today ” + 5 years older . Your young 13-year-old in 2020 is 18 now and getting ready for University , and perhaps you would like to be able to offer them an overseas education .
Or if you have toddlers , your spouse just handed you the fee schedule for Grade 1 in private school and if you are like me , you ’ re thinking : “ is that figure per month or per quarter ?” My entire high school career didn ’ t cost what one of my kids ’ annual private school fees cost .
Now here ’ s the thing : some people will be generating residual income from investments they made in real estate during the train wreck that was 2020 . The capital growth and rental income that has inevitably , and predictably , increased over the past 5 years will allow them to refinance some of their properties , tax free , and pay upfront for their
Step 3: Finding your Property & Location Step 3: Finding your Property & Location Why Choose Estate Living Many South Africans are looking to make the shift towards secure estate living. “Estate living has become increasingly popular as it not only offers convenience but also luxury living at an attractive price. We are seeing more and more buyers looking toward exploring this avenue”, says Mike Greeff. Security is paramount Security estates like Chapman’s Bay Estate in Noordhoek, comes standard with security features such as 24-hour security including electric fencing, cameras that provide thermal imaging at night, guarded entrance booms as well as guards that patrol the estate. Many, if not all gated communities, have the benefit of access control, security patrols and properly maintained walls and fences. There is also the added security of knowing that no one will enter the estate without the knowledge of a security guard at the entrance. As a courtesy and part of protocol, you as the homeowner will be informed and asked to clear the guest before he/she enters. Below are several benefits as to why estate living is the future. Low maintenance One of the major perks of estate living is that it is virtually hassle-free. The body corporate usually handles maintenance with regards to roads, gardens and overall area landscaping. They also provide a style guide that keeps your property in tune with the look and feel of the estate. Maintenance inside your property boundaries can also be taken care of with minimal fuss. The body corporate usually has a list of preferred suppliers who not only meet the level of workmanship required, but who are also able to work within the style guidelines of the estate. Higher property value For the discerning investor, the idea of an investment property within a security estate should be seen as a relatively sound investment. There is a general consensus in the real estate industry that prospective buyers looking to own a house within a walled community, can expect to pay more for homes, as opposed to its free-standing counterparts and that they usually make for better rental income generators. Why is estate living more appealing post-lockdown? Social distancing has become the new norm so it only makes sense for us to minimise our interaction with people other than family and close friends. One way to do this is to remain within your area. That means shopping, eating out, leisure activities etc, should all be done in your neighbourhood. This is where security estates become increasingly attractive. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, these estates are not easily accessed by members of the public, therefore reducing exposure to outside influences. The homes are also more spacious, which means that one does not feel confined to a small space, especially when cocooning* at home. Endless amenities We live in an age of convenience, and security estates are going above and beyond to ensure that they provide as many amenities as possible to residents. Estates are boasting everything from tennis courts to laundromats and even walking trails. All of this is regularly maintained by the body corporate so you never have to worry about the pool being green or the park turning into a health hazard for the kids. 14 FIRST-TIME INVESTOR *Cocooning is the trend whereby more and more people are spending time at home. It has quickly become an established movement in the recent years due to digital and smart technology. As of late, it has been accelerated by COVID-19 as we were all forced to stay at home. Sources Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate FIRST-TIME INVESTOR 15