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Finley Structures Ltd was formed in August 2000 and is a family-owned company providing structural steelwork to the construction industry . Our premises are based on the Newton Aycliffe Business Park in County Durham , providing a central location and flexibility to supply the whole of the UK . Whilst providing a wide range of structural solutions , the company specialises in the production of portals , trusses , beams and columns . We at Finley Structures Ltd are determined to ensure that customers ’ requirements are met at all times with quality and cost being at the forefront . As a team we guarantee that delivery is timely and strive to achieve a first class reputation to be at the leading edge within the construction industry . We are continuously investing to ensure we have the latest technology and software . More than £ 1m was invested in to our production facility in 2008 , with a second drill line and robotic coping line as well as an SA2.5 shot blast facility . The investment was approved and undertaken by the Board of Directors to give us the ability to manufacture in excess of 200 tonnes of steel per week to meet increasing demand as the customer base grows . In July 2011 , Finley Structures launched its very first quarterly newsletter , keeping employees , clients and potential new client ’ s up-to-speed on projects and news .

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Welcome to the winter 2012 edition of the Finley Structures newsletter . It is with great pride that I can report on our success for 2012 and that as the year comes to an end we have a strong order book going into 2013 . We entered into our 13th year of business in August and owe our continuing success to our excellent management team and workforce , which is growing at the same pace as the size of our projects . We currently employ 13 office staff and 33 in production , we have recently recruited a Maintenance Manager and are currently looking for a Quantity Surveyor to enhance our team . As autumn came to an end we successfully completed the 1,000-tonne contract at Blyth for NAREC and we are now working on another substantial 1,000-tonne job , at Drax Power Station in Selby , North Yorkshire . This is a £ 3.5m contract for us , so it ’ s a major deal and one which is expected to take about three-anda-half months from start to finish . We ’ ve hired in a 1,100-tonne crawler , which has a jib that can work to 160 metres , and we ’ re working at heights of up to 70 metres ( NAREC was 30 metres high , which shows you the scale of it ), to construct the conveyor which actually goes above the power station ’ s existing building , to feed materials into it .
It ’ s a very complex job , but it yet again demonstrates the size of work we ’ re not only willing to take on , but can deliver . It ’ s another Shepherd Construction-awarded contract , who were obviously pleased with the job we did for them at NAREC and gave us this one , so we ’ re delighted to be working with them on such a major project . Meanwhile , this issue also tells you about a special award for one of our apprentices , Jake Millen , and some unexpected but very well received praise from Terry Scuoler , chief executive of EEF . We also have two pages dedicated to the extensive work we do with our local schools – one is about the Apprenticeship Awareness Programme and Woodham Academy ’ s visit to our factory , and the other is about Whitworth School in Spennymoor , which is attended by my very own granddaughter , so naturally that contract is a special one for us for reasons other than just business ! So as you can see , it ’ s still all go at Finley Structures . We hope to bring you a special feature on the Drax contract in our next issue , due out in the New Year , but we hope you enjoy our latest edition . Regards John Finley
Finley Structures Ltd Quarterly Newsletter Issue 5 , Winter 2012