Finley Structures newsletter 2 - october 2011 - Page 4


Pupils see new school in the making

Dozens of youngsters have been given a behind-the-scenes tour of a steel factory to see how their new school is being made . The youngsters from four different schools in the North-East have been shown around the shop floor at Finley Structures on Aycliffe Business Park , to see how raw steel will form the core of their new building . They were first given a 3D demonstration by a structural engineer to see a virtual construction on screen , before going on to the shop floor to see the steel being fabricated by the most advanced computer numerically controlled ( CNC ) machinery available . It gave the pupils – from Glendene School in Easington Colliery , Dene School in Peterlee , Hebburn Primary School near South Shields and SEN1 ( Bedewell ) – an insight into how their new school will develop and take shape . The children ’ s visit is a joint-venture by Carillion Building , the firm responsible for the new school buildings , and one of their major sub-contractors Finley Structures . John Finley , managing director of the familyrun firm , said : “ The children really enjoyed themselves and , hopefully , they ’ ve learned a lot . “ We ’ re committed to involving the community on our projects and it ’ s always rewarding to see children come in and learn about our operations . “ They all responded very positively and asked our key staff lots of questions which showed their interest .” Carillion plc is one of the UK ' s leading support services and construction companies . They ’ re currently working on a 105- tonne new-build at Hebburn School , a 213-tonne new-build at Dene School , a 50-tonne extension at Glendene School and a 213-tonne new-build at SEN1 in Bedewell , Hebburn . Pupils from Glendene School saw how their new £ 3m development will take shape , while they also signed a steel plate with their initials , which will be welded in permanently and incorporated into the construction . Craig Platt , deputy head teacher at the school who also attended the Finley Structures visit , said : “ It provided the children with an amazing social
experience . “ It gave them an insight into the world of work but it also gives them a sense of ownership with the new-build that ’ s currently in the process of being constructed “ They ’ ve seen the process of the raw steel being fabricated at Finley Structures and how everyone works together as a team . “ They found it thoroughly fascinating and they ’ ve all benefited hugely from the visit .”
Finley Structures Ltd Quarterly Newsletter Issue 2 , October 2011