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We ’ re a family-owned

company providing structural steelwork to the construction industry . Our premises are based on Aycliffe Business Park , in County Durham , providing a central location and flexibility to supply the whole of the UK . Whilst providing a wide range of structural solutions , the company specialises in the production of portals , trusses , beams and columns . We ’ re determined to ensure that customers ’ requirements are met at all times with quality and cost being at the forefront . As a team we guarantee that delivery is timely and strive to achieve a first class reputation to be at the leading edge within the construction industry . We are continuously investing to ensure we have the latest technology and software . Finley Structures was established in 2000 by John Finley and , since then , we have grown significantly . We ’ ve increased our workforce and worked on high-profile projects up and down the country . We have reinforced our position as one of the market-leading steel fabricating firms in the country .
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It ’ s been a little while since our last update ,

but we ’ ve been so busy winning projects and working on them ! The construction industry continues to be a volatile and uncertain sector as we charter these challenging waters . But because Finley Structures has been built on such solid foundations – and because of our ‘ safety first ’ policy when it comes to credit – we ’ re in a such a position to withstand whatever the storm . We ’ ve read a lot recently about other companies getting into trouble through false promises or broken contracts , and we ’ ve been victim to some of that , too . It ’ s never nice to see any other business get into trouble – or worse , collapse – because that ’ s bad for our industry . But we operate a very strict credit policy , taking advice from our insurers to ensure we are aware of the risks that may threaten our near 20-year history , or our workforce . If we choose to ignore the financial information the consequences could be devasting . In fact , we have even turned work away in the last year due to our insurers not being willing to give us the credit lines we need to do the work . To give you an example , after the demise of Carillion , we had contracts in place with them , but we only lost out marginally ( less than £ 20,000 ) because we had the correct protection in place . Had we not had that insurance in place , we could have potentially
“ We ’ re in a such a position to withstand whatever the storm .”
lost hundreds of thousands . That said , we ’ re not risk averse , and we sometimes have to take calculated , considered gambles when it comes to trust and investment . But we ’ re largely very careful , and it ’ s this policy which has ensured our ongoing wellbeing and sustainability . Credit aside , we remain as competitive as ever . Our estimating team , headed up by Andrew Workman , do a fantastic job pricing up projects to the penny , making sure there ’ s enough margin for realism , but also ensuring we win enough work to keep the steel flowing through the factory . Contract wise , we ’ re enjoying a strong period and our order book is healthy . It ’ s being reported as a difficult , troublesome time for our industry . But , because of the principles and ethics I ’ ve outlined here – and because of the great projects we deliver on time and within budget , thanks to our brilliant workforce – that enables us to prosper , when sadly some others don ’ t . It ’ s also testament to the fact we ’ re approaching our 20th anniversary , which says everything in the construction industry ! As always , we thank all our staff for their commitment and dedication .
Julie Raistrick Joint managing director