Finding Funding

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T‌he recently passed Infrastructure Investment and

Jobs Act ( IIJA ) is a hot topic for many communities looking to have projects funded with this once-in-alifetime funding opportunity . With funding flowing for roads , bridges , brownfields , water , resilience , water and wastewater , parks and recreation , and other municipal needs , there are more possibilities than ever for money from federal and state agencies to cover or defray the costs of your community ’ s projects . But where do you get started ? And where can you find answers to some of the questions on this exciting but complicated funding prospect ?
Help is available through grants and low-interest loans from state and federal sources . These funds can help clean up blighted areas and build a solid infrastructure that will attract industry . They are available to increase tourism and revitalize your downtown . They can fund stormwater management and up-to-code water and wastewater systems . So , where to get started ?
Securing a grant involves more than a good idea and a funding source . It takes a consulting team experienced


in funding acquisition , one who understands funding programs and uses its staff creatively . A successful grant strategy requires recipients to identify long- and shortterm goals , the priorities of the proposed project ( s ), and the strengths and limitations of the project in the eyes of the funders .
Developing a comprehensive strategic grant plan specifies how a funding vision will be achieved . Ayres ’ strategic funding plan lays out grant recipients ’ priorities over time through a process of identifying community needs , and then laying out a course of action to secure funding . The strategic grant plan provides a logical basis for prioritizing your organization ’ s work , including preparation and submission of grant proposals and identification of match monies for the grants .
Ayres ’ grant writers have secured millions of dollars in grants and loans for our clients – and then our scientists , engineers , and urban planners have completed the work needed to realize our clients ’ dreams . We can do the same for your hometown .
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