Financial Institutions Newsletter FI-News-2018-Q4 - Page 5

developed permanent nerve damage that caused a tremor in his right hand. After a physician suggested he embrace his limitations, Hansen decided he would not allow a negative belief to control his life and would find new ways to create art by rethinking his tools, techniques and canvases. Education, Connection, Inspiration Hansen’s presentation included stories of other individuals who embraced their limitations to live fuller lives and images of artwork he created using handwritten overcomer stories, broken vinyl records, Starbucks’ coffee cups, matches and burger wrappers. To get a glimpse of Hansen’s inspiration, see his popular TedTalk video. Following Hansen’s keynote, Kirk Hulett, executive vice president of Strategy and Practice Management, moderated a panel of Securities America staff from various departments who responded to audience questions and shared their own best practices, tips and powerful ideas. Educational sessions across three different tracks filled the rest of the day leading up to roundtable discussions. With 16 topics to choose from, attendees participated in three 25-minute discussions led by Securities America experts. To share helpful information with attendees who weren’t able to join their roundtable, facilitators contributed a few of their best tips related to their subject, which were compiled into a 14-page booklet that was distributed to all attendees. 4 th QUARTER 2018 | Financial Institutions Newsletter 4