Financial History Issue 131 (Fall 2019) - Page 8

THE TICKER  CONNEC TING TO COLLEC TIONS MoAF Loans Library Collection to the American Institute for Economic Research By Sarah Poole, Collections Manager on the value of personal freedom, free enterprise, property rights, limited govern- ment and sound money.” AIER publishes extensive editorials and research, hosts educational programming and supports scholars and students with fellowships and internships. The organization is also home to the Bastiat Society, “a global network of business professionals committed to advancing free trade, individual freedom and responsible governance.” The mission and activities of AIER are complementary to the Museum’s own mission “to improve understanding of the influence of financial institutions and cap- ital markets on the US and global econo- mies, and on individuals’ lives.” Therefore, the Institute is a good fit for the Museum’s library collection. The initial loan period will last for five years and will help foster a continuing partnership between the two organizations.  THIS AUGUST, the Museum’s library collection was placed on loan to the Amer- ican Institute for Economic Research (AIER). The books were sent to AIER’s E.C. Harwood Library in Great Bar- rington, Massachusetts, where they will be fully cataloged and made available to scholars for research. This partnership will benefit both institutions, as the Museum’s library will be better utilized and will help AIER to expand the resources available to its audiences. The loan is also an opportu- nity for the Museum to expand access to its collections while continuing to seek a new physical location. The Museum has been collecting books throughout its history, and previously the library was primarily used for research by Museum staff. The library collection covers subjects including biographies; histories of banks, businesses and cor- porations; investing; general American and world history; economic policy; inter- national finance and more. Due to the size of the library (roughly estimated at 10,000 volumes), it had only been partially cataloged and was, therefore, difficult to search and use. The library was unfortu- nately inaccessible to most researchers and the general public. After the flooding incident at 48 Wall Street, Museum staff and volunteers packed all of the books for storage, where they remained until the start of this loan. AIER was founded in 1933 as the first independent research organization dedi- cated to studying “the wide range of eco- nomic, social and monetary developments that had contributed to the catastrophic economic contraction” of the Great Depression. Today, the Institute operates with the mission to “educate Americans The Museum recently loaned its collection of library books to the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) to provide better access for scholars. 6    FINANCIAL HISTORY  |  Fall 2019  | The Museum’s staff and volunteers packed its roughly 10,000 volume book collection for its loan to AIER.