Financial History Issue 131 (Fall 2019) - Page 4

Financial history The magazine of the Museum of American Finance in association with the Smithsonian Institution Issue 131 • Fall 2019 (ISSN 1520-4723) Kristin Aguilera IN THIS ISSUE FEATURES 11 From Crash to Scrip The stock market collapse of 1929 and the rise of fake money.   By Ralph Blumenthal Editor EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Howard A. Baker, Esq. Howard Baker Associates Lawrence A. Cunningham The George Washington University Brian Grinder 15 An Entrepreneur’s Beginning The origins of TD Ameritrade and the value of free enterprise.   By Joe Ricketts Eastern Washington University Bradley Jones Reserve Bank of Australia Gregory DL Morris Freelance Journalist Susie Pak St. John’s University Arthur W. Samansky The Samansky Group 18 US Presidents and the Federal Reserve The complicated historical relationship between the Commander-In-Chief and the US central bank.   By Peter C. Earle Myles Thompson Columbia Business School Publishing Janice Traflet Bucknell University Robert E. Wright Augustana University Jason Zweig The Wall Street Journal ART DIRECTION Alan Barnett Design 22 Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company How oversight and fraud contributed to the Panic of 1857.   By Ramon Vasconcellos MUSEUM STAFF David J. Cowen, President/CEO Kristin Aguilera, Deputy Director Maura Ferguson, Director of Exhibits Sarah Poole, Collections Manager Linda Rapacki, Managing Director of Visitor Services and Operations Mindy Ross, Director, External Relations Copyright © 2019 by the Museum of American Finance, publisher, 25 Broadway, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10004. Telephone: 212-908-4110. All rights reserved. Financial History is the official membership magazine of the Museum of American Finance. 26 Revisiting Keynes’ Economic Consequences Analyzing the accuracy of John Maynard Keynes’ The Economic Consequences of the Peace on the centennial anniversary of its publication.   By Michael A. Martorelli 30 Where Are They Now? The Museum’s series on 207 of the underwriters of the 1956 Ford IPO continues with the history of The First Boston Corporation (founded in Boston in 1934).   By Susie J. Pak 2    FINANCIAL HISTORY  |  Fall 2019  |