Financial History Issue 131 (Fall 2019) - Page 34

Subscription warrant for stock of the First Boston Corporation, issued to George R. Atkins and dated May 26, 1934. then granted an option to Credit Suisse to purchase this interest,” which Credit Suisse did do with First Boston Inc. Financiere Credit-Suisse First Boston (f. 1978, holding company) In 1983, George L. Shinn left First Boston Corporation and was succeeded by Peter T. Buchanan, the president of First Bos- ton, who became chief executive officer. A Princeton graduate, Buchanan joined First Boston as a trainee in 1956 after he graduated from college. Buchanan had been named president and chief operating officer since 1978. Alvin V. Shoemaker, the chairman of the executive commit- tee, succeeded Shinn as chairman. Alvin Varner Shoemaker was a native of Penn- sylvania. He worked as “an attorney for the Comptroller of the Currency in 1963 in Washington.” He joined First Boston in 1969. His father owned a clothing business and later worked for a lumber company. His grandfather was a livestock dealer. A Wharton and University of Michigan law graduate, Shoemaker had briefly left First Boston in 1978 to become president and chairman of the operating committee of Blyth Eastman Dillon, but he returned to First Boston in 1981. He retired in 1989. CS First Boston Inc. (parent company, f. 1988) Credit Suisse First Boston (f. 1997) Credit Suisse Group (parent company, f. 1997) In 1988, before Shoemaker retired, First Boston, Inc. merged with Financiere Credit-Suisse First Boston to create “a new worldwide investment-banking 32    FINANCIAL HISTORY  |  Fall 2019  | concern-CS First Boston Inc.” At that time, ownership of Financiere Credit Suisse-First Boston passed entirely to The First Boston Corporation and, at the same time, The First Boston Corporation acquired all of its own shares held by the public. As a result of this reorganization, CS Holding became a direct shareholder of the newly renamed CS First Boston, Inc. In 1993, CS First Boston integrated its three regional subsidiaries, “The First Boston Corporation in the United States, Financiere Credit Suisse-First Boston in Europe and CS First Boston Pacific in the Asia/Pacific region…into one global investment bank and operated under a single name, CS First Boston…” Then in 1997, CS First Boston and Credit Suisse consolidated to become Credit Suisse First Boston, whose parent company was called Credit Suisse Group. By that time, Allen D. Wheat, a former