Financial History Issue 125 (Spring 2018) - Page 6

THE TICKER  MUSEUM NEWS Programming Continues as Museum Deals with Aftermath of Flood Much has happened since I last wrote this column and informed our read- ers about a major flood that took place in our building over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend when a heating pipe on the fourth floor burst and impacted all three floors of the Museum. Since then, our collection — none of which was tuned for a new blog and off-site educa- tional initiatives in the coming months. While our exhibit galleries have been closed to the public, we have fortunately been able to continue our public pro- grams, thanks largely to the Fordham University Gabelli Center for Global Security Analysis and their director, Jim Kelly. We have hosted three evening events in partner- ship with the Gabelli Cen- ter since January, including David J. Cowen  |  President and CEO lectures by MIT Professor Andrew Lo and Warren Buf- fett’s editor of choice, Law- damaged — has been moved off site to a rence Cunningham, as well as a large- climate-controlled facility for safe keeping scale blockchain program in February (see during construction. Our staff has also article, page 5). All events were presented relocated off site and, when not work- to sold-out audiences, and the first two ing on construction and insurance-related are available on our YouTube channel issues, has begun adapting our program- @FinanceMuseum. ming to emphasize content that can be Our CEO Series, “Why Wall Street Mat- offered outside of 48 Wall Street. Stay ters,” continues as well and has recently Message to Members featured videos with Gerald Walker (ING Americas) and Joseph Tarantino (Protiv- iti). Programs in this series can be viewed on the Museum’s website and YouTube channel, as well as on Cheddar, a live and on-demand news network covering technology, media and entertainment. Upcoming videos this Spring will feature Ellen Alemany (CIT), Adena Friedman (Nasdaq) and Michael Corbat (Citi). We have also recently welcomed two new members to our Board of Trustees. Carol Kaimowitz spent most of her career in the insurance industry and in recent years has volunteered her time assisting with the Museum’s archival collection, includ- ing translating a number of international pieces. Bradford Hu, who has been the Chief Risk Officer at Citi since 2013, joined the Board in February. We are very excited to welcome Carol and Brad to our Board, and I look forward to working with them as we plan for the future of the Museum.  Lawrence Cunningham speaks on his new book, The Warren Buffett Shareholder, at a Museum event on April 23 in partnership with the Fordham University Gabelli Center for Global Security Analysis. 4    FINANCIAL HISTORY  |  Spring 2018  | The Museum recently welcomed two new Board members, Carol Kaimowitz and Bradford Hu.