Financial History Issue 125 (Spring 2018) - Page 11

CONNEC TING TO COLLEC TIONS   August 1903 with $1.2 million in capital to construct the new park. He and his inves- tors convinced the Bay Ridge Local Board to close West 8th Street between Reynolds’ properties, combining them and effec- tively doubling their value. Construction on Reynolds’ park began in October 1903. Designed by the architec- tural firm Kirby, Petit and Green, Dream- land was modeled after the recent World’s Fairs. It would be an elegant “white city” combined with the raucousness of a typical amusement park. Dreamland would copy the most popular rides at Luna Park and would supplement those with unique rides that would hopefully draw customers away from its competitor. Another key attrac- tion at Dreamland was its beach property. Customers could use the beach w