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Financial history The magazine of the Museum of American Finance in association with the Smithsonian Institution Issue 121 • Spring 2017 (ISSN 1520-4723) Kristin Aguilera IN THIS ISSUE FEATURES 11 Stephen Girard Profile of an early American entrepreneur, financier, banker and businessman.   By Clyde Haulman Editor EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Howard A. Baker, Esq. Howard Baker Associates Lawrence A. Cunningham The George Washington University 14 The Personal, the Political and the Profitable Business and protest culture in the 1960s–1980s.   By Benjamin C. Waterhouse Brian Grinder Eastern Washington University Gregory DL Morris Freelance Journalist Arthur W. Samansky The Samansky Group Bob Shabazian American Stock Exchange (ret.) 18 Robert B. Anderson: A Distinguished Career Gone Wrong Former Secretary of the Treasury is convicted of tax evasion.   By Ron Hunka Myles Thompson Columbia Business School Publishing Robert E. Wright Augustana University Jason Zweig The Wall Street Journal ART DIRECTION Alan Barnett Design MUSEUM STAFF David J. Cowen, President/CEO Kristin Aguilera, Deputy Director Tony Critelli, Accountant Maura Ferguson, Director of Exhibits Chris Meyers, Director of Education Sarah Poole, Collections Manager Linda Rapacki, Managing Director of Visitor Services and Operations Mindy Ross, Director, External Relations 20 Stan Strachan and the National Thrift News Gutsy financial journalism in the 1980’s S&L Crisis.   By Rob Wells 24 Two Little-Known, But Defining Moments of Alexander Hamilton’s Career Hamilton’s addresses to the Continental Congress in 1782 and 1783 foreshadow his most consequential reports on credit and banking.   By Michael Anthony Kirsch 28 Cathedrals of Coinage A history of the US Mint’s locations.   By Michael A. Martorelli Copyright © 2017 by the Museum of American Finance, publisher, 48 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005. Telephone: 212-908-4110; fax: 212-742-0573. All rights reserved. Financial History is the official membership magazine of the Museum of American Finance. 32 Politics and Investing A look at how US Presidents have affected the financial and real estate markets.   By Kenneth Winans 2    FINANCIAL HISTORY  |  Spring 2017  |