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Message to Members

Recognizing Two Individuals Key to the Museum ’ s Success

It gives me great pleasure to share some thoughts on two wonderful individuals who have made a huge difference to this Museum . The first is Professor James Kelly , director of the Gabelli Center for Global Security Analysis at Fordham University . We first got to know Jim when our building at 48 Wall Street was flooded in 2018 . We

Message to Members

David J . Cowen | President and CEO
had multiple high-profile speakers lined up for events scheduled to begin that month and an uninhabitable home . Without hesitation , Jim offered up Fordham ’ s state-ofthe-art facilities . Within a short time , we were co-hosting most of our events with Jim and his center . It has been an amazing partnership , and our reach and audience have grown exponentially , now with hundreds of attendees the norm for each program .
Jim has also taught classes the past two years for our summer adult financial
literacy course in partnership with the New York Public Library , and he has contributed articles to this magazine as well . Jim was recently recognized with a special honor . He received the Graham & Dodd , Murray , Greenwald Prize for Value Investing , presented by Gabelli Asset Management , and he joins a prestigious list of previous winners including Howard Marks , Leon Cooperman and Michael Price .
The second person I ’ d like to recognize is our deputy director and editor of this magazine , Kristin Aguilera , who recently celebrated her 25th anniversary with the Museum . When I first joined the Museum , Kristin said to me , “ Don ’ t worry , we will take care of you .” To a newly minted Museum leader , those words were incredibly comforting , and she has lived up to those words countless times . Over the decades , she has been a core reason the Museum has succeeded in so many areas . Her imprint runs throughout all that we do : overseeing every exhibit , coordinating almost every event ,
managing our web interface , interacting with the Board , understanding our collection , working with the media and editing this magazine . As anyone who has interacted with her knows , she is consummately professional and a pleasure to work with . There is an old adage , “ If it ain ’ t broke , don ’ t fix it ,” and over my years that has applied to this magazine . I leave it alone . This wonderful magazine is from start to finish all Kristin and the Editorial Board she oversees . She is universally loved and appreciated by the staff and Board .
As a token of our appreciation , we presented Kristin with a framed 1896 Education Series note ( not from our collection ), as she often mentioned enjoying the beauty of this piece of currency ; it made for a great surprise gift . The staff , Board Chair Peter Cohen , founder and former Board Chair John Herzog and former Board Chair Richard Sylla joined in on the presentation and thank you . The Board leadership also joined her quarterly Editorial Board meeting for a second presentation . It was indeed a heartfelt and welldeserved thank you from the Museum !
Professor Jim Kelly receives the 2022 Graham & Dodd , Murray , Greenwald Prize for Value Investing .
MoAF Deputy Director Kristin Aguilera receives a framed 1896 Educational Series note in honor of her 25th anniversary .
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