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Message to Members

MoAF Resumes Search for Space and Considers Hybrid Events for the Fall

Slightly over two years ago , in March 2020 , we moved every program we offered — from our exhibits and events to our educational programming and even our annual Gala — to an online format in the midst of the pandemic . We learned a lot through this process and were able

Message to Members

David J . Cowen | President and CEO
to expand the reach of our initiatives significantly through this formatting change , reaching audiences across the country and around the world . We have many people to thank for helping us through this process , especially our good friends at the Fordham University Gabelli School of Business . We also understand there is no substitute for the visitor experience of exploring a physical museum , while learning from and engaging with authentic objects and artifacts . To that end , we have resumed our search for a physical location in New York City and are on the lookout for a new space .
We are also in discussions with our event partners and sponsors on bringing at least some of our programming back to an in-person format this fall . We hope to be able to continue to provide a livestream experience to those who are unable to attend in person , either due to health concerns while the pandemic still lingers , or their geographical location . Ideally , a hybrid approach seems best for all , as we ’ ll be able to engage in-person audiences while also reaching the many new constituents from around the globe who have been attending our virtual events over the past two years .
One of the first groups we ’ re looking to bring back in a hybrid format is
our Communications Executives Advisory Roundtable , which meets quarterly to provide ideas and advice that guide much of our programming . They also help to secure sponsorship for our evening events , which is necessary to keep our events free for all who wish to attend . Our recent program , “ NFTs : Welcome to the Metaverse ” came out of one of these sessions and attracted an audience of 648 attendees — well more individuals than any of our past physical spaces could accommodate . You will notice another outcome from this group on the following two pages of this magazine , as we have reformatted some of our news segments into infographics to provide information on our programs in a way that is more visual and engaging . We hope you will continue to enjoy our programs , whether it be face-to-face with our speakers and exhibits , or from the comfort of your homes and offices .
Steven Foerster speaks on “ In Pursuit of the Perfect Portfolio ” on April 12 .
Roger Lowenstein answers questions from the audience posed by Fordham Professor Sris Chatterjee and MoAF President David Cowen at an event on April 27 .
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