Financial History 139 (Fall 2021) - Page 42

“ Alexander Hamilton was the architect of the American financial system that endures to this day . . . Sylla and Cowen provide helpful historical context , but they largely let Hamilton ’ s genius speak for itself . From short essays that resemble the modern op-ed to legal documents to his reports to Congress as Treasury Secretary , the book offers a compelling window into Hamilton ’ s visionary thinking on economic matters .”
— Robert E . Rubin , co-chair emeritus , Council on Foreign Relations , and former U . S . Treasury Secretary
“ This is undoubtedly a treasure trove for financial and public policy geeks , and the book will also help lay readers go beyond the hit musical in understanding Hamilton ’ s lasting significance .”
— Publishers Weekly
“ Hamilton ’ s writings always impress for their clarity of argument and , especially , for their prescient vision of the future of the American economy . Thanks to Richard Sylla and David J . Cowen for reminding us of that .”
— Ben Bernanke , former chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System