Final USITC Report on Chinese Quartz Imports June 2019

UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL TRADE COMMISSION Washington, DC Quartz Surface Products from China PUBLIC VERSION Staff Report Investigation Nos. 701-TA-606 and 731-TA-1416 (Final) Staff assigned: Lawrence Jones, Investigator (205-3358) Julie Duffy, Investigator (708-2579) Gregory LaRocca, Industry Analyst (205-3405) Aimee Larsen, Economist (205-3179) Emily Kim, Accountant (205-1800) Lita David-Harris, Statistician (205-2537) Michael Haldenstein, Attorney (205-3041) Elizabeth Haines, Supervisory Investigator (205-3200) Special appreciation for the work performed by Christine Kobza, Economics Intern