Final product of the project "The swallow is a refugee or immigrant?" Final product of the project The swallow is a refu

eTwinning 2016-2017 2nd primary school of Grevena, Greece "The swallow is a refugee or an immigrant?" On the occasion that UNHCR this year in hotels in mountainous communities in Grevena hosted about 600 Syrian refugees who were mostly young children, the sixth class of the 2nd Primary School of Grevena with the teacher Argyris Karaliolios for the school year 2016-2017 carried out an eTwinning project entitled "The swallow Is a refugee or an immigrant? Https:// http://2dim- The project involved 13 schools from Europe, one from Africa and one from Asia. The following: Andriani Christodoulou, Primary School of Kition - Primary School of Kition, Kiti Anthi Papaioannou, Asgata Primary School, Asgata Cyprus (Role: Founder) Argyrios Karaliolios, 2nd Primary School of Grevena Greece, Grevena Greece (Role: Founder) Aranzazu Iturrioz, IES Augusto González de Linares, Santander, Spain Danuta Bartkowiak-SiekańskaSzkoła, Podstawowa nr 84 im. Tadeusza Kościuszki, Poznan, Poland Emna Khemakhem, Collège Pilot de Sfax, Sfax of Tunisia, IKRA SEA, AdiyamanOzel Acibadem Ilkokulu, Istanbul Turkey, IOANNA DOROS, Ethniki College «Petru Rares», Beclean Romania, Magdalena Goc Zespół, Szkol Szkoła Podstawowa im. K Odnowiciela i Gimnazjum b Pobiedziskach, Pobiedziska Poland Maria Stylianou, Paphos School of Public Administration "Ag Spyridon" - Elementary School 11 Paphos "Ag.Spyridonas", Cyprus MARICA EMESE CÎMPEAN NATIONAL, "Petru Rares" College, Beclean Romania Stavroula Lada, Private Primary School DDMN (Navy Logistic Command), Chania, Crete Thomai Tzika, 1st primary School of Grevena, Grevena Greece The aim of this project was to investigate and compare how animals work and how people in immigration or refugee phenomena, while seeking not eliminate xenophobia and racism. In this context we created event at etwinning on: "Winter clothing, school supplies and toys for young refugees in Grevena" (Winter clothes, school supplies and toys for young refugees