Final Girls Berlin Film Festival June '17 Edition - Page 9

An amateur photographer embarks on a journey to get the perfect shot for a competition, but will she manage to get it? (European Premiere) Teenage Filmmaker You are a Lesbian Vampire (3:21) Directed by Thirza Cuthand, Canada, 2011 Perfect Shot (5:15) Directed by Natasha Leivers, UK, 2016 In the dark night of a prairie city, a vampire considers her future with a fetching mortal. But requiring blood for sustenance brings a host of problems to the relationship. Strawberries are Nuts (7:24) Directed by Rui Videira, written by Zuzanna Grajzer, Germany, 2017 Lena is an accomplished woman in her 30s. With a successful career and a loving boyfriend, Jack, she seems to be living the dream. Until one Sunday morning, when as a result of a silly misunderstanding, Jack surprises her with a violent outburst. Expecting a child, Lena can’t help, but ask herself: is Jack going to be a good father? What Happened to Her  (14:50) Directed by Kristy Guevera-Flanagan, USA, 2017 A forensic exploration of our cultural obsession with images the dead woman on screen. Interspersing found footage from police procedural films and television shows and one actor's experience of playing the part of a corpse, the film offers a meditative critique on the trope of the dead female body. 18:00 Shorts Program 4 - Body Horror Paint the Town Red (5:15) Directed by Arielle Hansen, Canada, 2017 After receiving a pair of tickets in the mail, Andie and Josephine visit a mysterious new club, only to find things a little unusual… (European Premiere) We all fear our own bodies turning against us, proving to be more fragile than we like to imagine, more prone to infection or fracture. These shorts feature the body as the site of crisis, attack, and rebellion.