Final Girls Berlin Film Festival June '17 Edition - Page 8

Dead? 16:00 Shorts Program 3 - Is it Dead? Horror loves to play with a viewer’s expectations. A seemingly lifeless body could be so many possible things… dead, comatose, undead, a cyborg at rest, an extended performance in service to the spectator’s morbid desire to gaze without consequence… Thanatopraxia (11:00) Directed by Victor Palacios, Produced by Elena Albert, Spain, 2014 Mary needs a heart donor for her father. Luckily she works at the morgue. Monica has an idea: steal it from work. What Remains (06:45) Directed by Denne Sritharan, US, 2017 Brenna has to cope with her mother’s delusion of caring for her father’s corpse, while she and her younger sister have to process the loss themselves. The Awakening of Selma (9:30)   Written & Directed by Andrea Ferge, Brazil, 2016 Selma has been in a coma for over four years and her family hired the young Valeria to be her caregiver. The only thing that Valeria doesn’t know is that Selma can’t be awakened. Wakey Wakey (5:45) Written & Directed by Rebecca Gransbury, UK, 2015 After an office party, two nurses discover an abandoned morgue and continue drinking. They ignore the body on the slab until it starts to groan. (German Premiere) Night Shift (9:38) Written & Directed by Emily DiPrimio, USA, 2015 A girl’s first day at a strip club takes many twists and turns. Teenage Filmmaker No Strings Attached (3:30) Directed by Courtney Rawitscher, US, 2016 A schoolgirl is transformed into something that is anything but ordinary. (World Premiere) Teenage Filmmaker