Final Girls Berlin Film Festival June '17 Edition - Page 4

Issues Postpartum (6:10) Written & Directed by Izzy Lee, US, 2015 "Not everyone is meant to be a mother." Good intentions lead to disastrous results when a woman visits a new mom. (German Premiere) Man in the Moon (13:17) Written & Directed by Monique Mulcahy, Australia, 2017 When a single mother accidentally intercepts a strange transmission on her pocket radio, she suspects that it may be linked to her teenage son’s mysterious, homemade videogaming headset. Goblin Baby (15:50) Written & Directed by Shoshana Rosenbaum, US, 2015 New mother Claire feels isolated and overwhelmed by the needs of her baby, Charlie, especially when husband Jamie leaves on a business trip. The growing sense that something in the woods is stalking her, sleep- deprivation, and Charlie’s incessant crying begin to drive Claire over the edge.(German Premiere) MOMMY (5:00) Written & Directed by Heidi Moore, US, 2013 They all thought they were so special with their perfect little babies. They said she could never have one of her own. Well sweeties; look at her now. (European Premiere) Leonarda (10:45) Directed by Luca Brinciotti, Italy, 2016 Based on the True Story of the female Italian serial killer Leonarda Cianciulli, known as the "Soap-Maker of Correggio". Leonarda killed three women and boiled their bodies with caustic soda to make soap and cookies. (German Premiere)