Final Girls Berlin Film Festival June '17 Edition - Page 17

A little girl who doesn’t get along with her mother finds friends from another planet. But they are they friendly to everyone? Emil von Karneville (13:30) Directed by Yuliana Barco, Mexico, 2016 Invasion (6:17) Written & Directed by Auguste Kuneviciute, Lithuania, 2016 Circus Emil Von Karnevile returns to offer a wish to 3 children but Wendy , Raphael and Sofia must first play a game, and their parents’ lives depend on their performance. (European Premiere) 20:00 Feature: In My Skin (1:33:00) Esther (Marina de Van) is an ambitious 30-year-old woman. One fateful night at a party, she seriously hurts her leg, but can't seem to feel the pain. This incident propels her toward the start of a self-destructive compulsion. IN MY SKIN is an exploration of a professional woman's descent into increasingly disturbing and obsessive acts. Written & Directed b y Marina de Van, France, 2002 22:15 Shorts Program 8 - Escape “Escape” can be a challenge, a command, a desire. It can be an exhilarating adventure or a dreadful impossibility. Our protagonists find themselves in tense circumstances ranging from the supernatural to the mundane, in search of a way out. When a troubled couple arrives at their campsite, they don't realize that someone or something is watching them from the woods. (International Premiere) Emergency Stop (5:31) Directed by Diane Jessie Miller, Ireland, 2016