Final Girls Berlin Film Festival June '17 Edition - Page 16

Family Everything is Allowed (17:54) Directed by Anaïs Girard-Blanc, France, 2017 When 11 year-old Leo and his 8 year-old sister Eloïze come back from school, they sit in front of a TV game show. The goal is to inflict fake punishments on candidates when they're wrong. A game "not to reproduce at home." But Leo, educated by TV and gameshows, reproduces in his own way what he sees on television. The candidate: his sister. A game which gets out of control. The Farm (3:17) Directed by Ellie Tossol-Smith, Australia, 2016 Two elderly sisters are horrified when one of their husbands lets one of their new livestock loose. On their search to bring the cattle back to the farm it is evident that this is no ordinary place. (International Premiere) Upír (12:23) Written & Directed by Laura Rembault, France, 2016 When 8 year old Arthur believes his nanny is a vampire, everyday life becomes far more dramatic. The Black Line (12:54) Directed by Ester Llorens, Spain, 2016 A father and his daughter live in an isolated house on the outskirts. The girl has to abide by the strict rules established by her father. Content Warning: Incest Scrawls (10:12) Directed by Pedro Pacheco Arlandi, Written and Produced by Maria Dopico, Spain, 2016 Ana, a woman who loves her family above everything, has decided to resolve her marital problems at last. Supper with the Smiths (3:17) Written & Directed by Rachel Cylie Gross, US, 2016 Cacie does not fit in with her family and their beliefs. During one of their typical family dinners, the family does their best to make their daughter feel isolated for not being “normal”, when in reality, their idea of “normal” may be a little skewed.