Final Girls Berlin Film Festival June '17 Edition - Page 12

Revenge Last Words (3:19) Directed by Raeshelle Cooke, US, 2015 A woman partakes in a special kind of therapy in order to cope from a nasty break-up. Stitched (3:35) Directed by Heather Taylor, US, 2016 A sheltered woman, reeling from the death of her mother, shows her sister how far she will go to be heard. Watch Me (8:12) Directed by Briony Kidd, Australia, 2017 A glamorous, attention-seeking actress will do anything to make sure you never look away. (International Premiere) Consommé (5:40) Directed by Catherine Fordham, US, 2016 After a vicious fight, a woman simmers with anger as she heads home through Brooklyn’s threatening streets. When she’s attacked, her fiercest self takes over to fight for her life. The following morning, bruised and beaten, she purges and cleans. Content Warning: Sexual Abuse Blame (15:15) Directed by Kellee Terrell, US, 2015 Haunted by the ghost of a dead rape victim, a young father must decide to either turn his son into the police or delete the only evidence of the assault. (German Premiere) Content Warning: Sexual Abuse Oedipus (14:03) Written & Directed by Roxanne Bordeaux, UK, 2016 A young boy named Lily must live out the rest of his unnatural life in limbo, reliving the same day for eternity. Unfortunately for Lily, it's with his enamoured grandfather. (German Premiere) Content Warning: Sexual Abuse