Final Girls Berlin Film Festival June '17 Edition - Page 11

Directed by Karyn Kusama, Annie Clark, Jovanka Vuckonic, Roxanne Benjamin, US & Canada, 2016 20:00 - Feature: XX (1:20:00) XX is a horror anthology with four chilling segments made by four horror badasses. Annie Clark (St. Vincent) rocks her directorial debut with THE BIRTHDAY PARTY; Karyn Kusama (THE INVITATION, GIRLFIGHT) exorcises HER ONLY LIVING SON; Roxanne Benjamin (V/H/S trilogy, SOUTHBOUND) screams DON'T FALL; and Jovanka Vuckovic (THE CAPTURED BIRD, former editor of Rue Morgue Magazine) dares to open THE BOX. Award- winning animator Sofia Carrillo (LA CASA TRISTE) wraps together stories of terror, blood and mayhem. 22:00 Shorts Program 5 - Sweet Revenge Revenge can come in many forms, as we all surely know from our daily reveries. We may wish to release it on a boundary-crossing stranger, or perhaps sometimes even against those closest to us. These revenge tales are relentless, and range from the psychological to the bloody and brutal. Rites of Vengeance (4:27) Written & Directed by Izzy Lee, US, 2017 A trio of nuns take matters into their own hands when a priest commits a terrible sin. (European Premiere) Content Warning: Sexual abuse Willow Garden (10:27) Directed by Kate MacDonald, US, 2017 La Corriente de las Agujas (19:55) Directed by Lucía Pérez, Uruguay, 2016 Eva looks at the window and waits. Alfonso brings the divorce papers with Emilia, Alfonso’s girlfriend. Alfonso wants to say goodbye forever. Eva has another plan. When a troubled couple arrives at their campsite, they don't realize that someone or something is watching them from the woods. (World Premiere)