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FIELDS NOTES 14 Math Minds: Transforming Mathematics Education 15 Combinatorial Algebra Meets Algebraic Combinatorics Contents 01 MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR 16 Accelerator Weekend 02 NEWS: The Fields Institute partners 18 Café Mathématique: the Flu, Math and You with CNRS and FMJH 03 CALENDAR 04 SPECIAL LECTURES 06 FEATURED: Thematic Program on Teichmüller Theory and its Connections to Geometry, Topology and Dynamics 19 CIHR STAGE International Speaker Seminar Series 20 PROFILES: Chris Bergevin and Nantel Bergeron 22 2018 Fields-AIMS-Perimeter - Africa Postdoctoral Fellowship: Taboka Chalebgwa 10  10 Years After the Crisis - modelling meets policy making 12 SPOTLIGHT: Peter Liljedahl, George Hart and Kang Lee 13 LIFE AT FIELDS 13 Research Showcase: Statistical Sciences at the University of Toronto DIRECTOR Ian Hambleton DEPUTY DIRECTOR Huaxiong Huang MANAGING EDITOR Esther Berzunza COPY EDITOR Brynne Clark 23 FUNDING, FELLOWSHIPS AND OTHER OPPORTUNITIES FRONT COVER AND PAGE 6 IMAGES: Authors: Étienne Ghys, Jos Leys The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences publishes FIELDS NOTES three times a year. CONNECT WITH US Questions? Comments? E-mail [email protected] @fieldsinstitute