Fields Notes 18.1 - Page 24

MATHEMATICIANS WHO CAN CHANGE THE WORLD That's what you support when you donate to the Fields Institute. For the last 25 years, Fields has provided the international mathematics community with a supportive and stimulating environment for research, collaboration, and innovation. From Fields Fellows to aspiring high school students, the Institute has supported and inspired generations of mathematicians. • Bring in a world-renowned mathematician for a seminar ($1,500) • Support an undergraduate student in the Fields Undergraduate Summer Research Program ($3,000) Take Elnaz Hessami PiIehrood for example. The daughter of two mathematicians, Elanz's journey as a member of Canada's first team to compete in the European Girls Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) began right here at the Institute. "It's what I love the most about math," said Elnaz in an interview with Math Circles organizer Sarah Sun at EGMO 2018. "Anything is possible; I can do anything in math and don't have to worry about a lot of the restrictions in the other sciences." Elanz is one of many students who is challenged and inspired by the Institute's Saturday morning Math Circles. Run by dedicated Fields staff and volunteers, the weekly circle meetings are not only intended to stimulate the interest of bright students in mathematics, but also to prepare its members to compete in prestigious mathematics contests such as the International Mathematical Olympiad and the American Regions Mathematics League competition at Penn State. Programming like our Math Circles would not be possible without the assistance of our donors. Your generous donations have helped support students like Elanz, and countless others in the hundreds of lectures, workshops, conferences, and programs hosted annually at Fields. Here at Fields, we depend on the help of individuals like you to help support this next generation of mathematicians, scientists, and innovators to pursue their passions. Your donation to the Fields Institute could: • Cover the cost of a graduate registration to a five-day workshop ($75) • Sponsor a Math Circles student to participate in the yearly American Regions Mathematics League competition ($250) Astrid Olave Herrera, 2017 FUSRP Student (Universidad Nacional de Colombia) With your support, the Fields Institute can continue our legacy of excellence, creating a more supportive, and diverse environment where the mathematicians of tomorrow can thrive. Donate today, and your gift will go directly towards improving our scientific programming and providing increased opportunities and support for those who are passionate about mathematical sciences. Make your mark on mathematics in 2018. Donate today. Sincerely, Ian Hambleton Director, Fields Institute