Fields Notes 18.1 - Page 23

oo region eat ovators kw, @ @UofT, st today. Attending the @VectorInst #MachineLearning Advances & Applications Seminar at the @FieldsInstitute. Today’s speaker, Prof. Yair Weiss discusses learning the statistics of image patches/full images. Key insight — “Statistics of natural image patches is simpler than we thought” - Jeremy Bradbury @jeremy_bradbury ronto rtnership At one of the many Machine Learning Workshops at Fields Super tanned and ready to talk to @UofT’s @FieldsInstitute about #mathanxiety and what we as educators can do to prevent math meltdowns and like, basically achieve world peace#mathchat #edchat #onpoli #education - vaneSSa @TheMathGuru Vanessa Vakharia just before her talk, STOP FREAKING OUT: Getting a Grip on Math Anxiety oming @ Mathematics d discussing our cs in congenital doyle Incredible time sharing the panel with amazing #SciArt women and teaching a creative biological staining workshop! Huge thank you: @r0b3r7a, @ArtSci_Salon, @FieldsInstitute, @MellEJFisher & @hacklabto for making this possible! #microbiology #biology #art #science #WomenInScience - Julia Krolik @yuliakrolik Mathematical Methods Julia Krolik after her biological staining workshop with ArtSci Salon Omelchenko / 23