Fields Notes 18.1 - Page 22

@FIELDSINSTITUTE Our favourite tweets from the last four months Professor Marek's remarks on Silvio Micali's lecture, ALGORAND - A Truly Distributed Ledger I appreciate the opportunity to hear Silvio Micali present #algorand consensus algorithm for #blockchain at @FieldsInstitute tonight. - Marek @ProfessorMarek Busy days in the #Toronto #Waterlo for the @Inria delegation! After gre exchanges w/ researchers and inno at @Communitech, @Catalyst137k UWaterloo, @FieldsInstitute and @ the team paid a visit to @VectorIns Promising partnerships ahead! - France in Toronto @FranceTor Excitement about the Inria-Fields par At one of the many Community Math Visits and Fairs at Fields Pre AP Grade 9 Math at the @FieldsInstitute : 3D and 4D Tic Tac Toe! @CTA_Tweets - @CTAMath Team building at Fields Looking forward to attending the upco FieldsInstitute @Inria workshop on M for Medicine http://www.fields.utoron activities/17-18/math-medicine … and work (@atoms_lab) on fluid mechanic heart disease This is what problem solving should look like. Loud. Social. Collaborative. @FieldsInstitute @PeopleforEd - Alison Boehme @ABoehmeCootes - Matthew Doyle @mg_d Looking forward to the Workshop on in Cardiac Electrophysiology