Fields Notes 18.1 - Page 21

2017-2018 Fields Industrial Optimization Seminar July 2017-June 2018 • Fields Institute Organizers: Antoine Deza and Bartosz Protas (McMaster University) and Danielle Zyngier (Hatch) The inaugural meeting of the Fields Industrial Optimization Seminar took place in 2004. Each meeting was comprised of two lectures relating to optimization. Typically, one speaker is a university-based researcher and the other is from the private or government sector. The series welcomed the participation of everyone in the academic or industrial community with an interest in optimization – theory or practice, expert or student. The first talks of the 2017-2018 series featured speakers from the Warsaw School of Economics and the Canadian Tire Corporation. The talks addressed issues arising in economics and management sciences. The speakers introduced a number of formulations and approaches handling large discrete instances. The June talks focused on issues relating to the medical application of optimization. One speaker was from the University of Calgary and the other was from TD Bank. They presented state‑of‑the‑art formulations and current algorithmic challenges. The November seminar brought together a professor from McMaster University and a researcher from Praxair to address optimization approaches in chemical engineering, and in particular, recent developments concerning process and scheduling challenges. In January, speakers from McMaster University and Industrial Algorithms presented optimization challenges in chemistry and chemical engineering ranging from modeling to applications with a shared focus on computational performances. All the seminars reflected an acute need for both mathematically advanced formulations and highly efficient implementations. The lively interaction between the speakers and the audience illustrated the efforts made by the speakers to reach a diverse audience that included engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, graduate students, and senior researchers. The post‑seminar mingling created an excellent environment and a unique forum for graduate students to learn about the skills and expertise required by the R&D industry. This was very useful, as nearly half the audience were PhD students, many of whom might pursue research careers in an industrial R&D setting.  Zapp2Photo / 21