Fields Notes 18.1 - Page 18

Workshop on Wildland Fire Appropriate Response: Generating and Using Science (Continued) overview of the US Wildland Fire Decision Support System, an internet-based tool that supports and documents operational fire management decisions for wildland fires across the US. The workshop ended on a high note, with a captivating panel discussion where panelists gave their perspectives on fire science and fire management. Al Tithecott (retired Director AFFES-MNRF) discussed the need to understand the system and stratify the analysis to suit conditions of the system, as well as the importance of a science network, partnerships, and leading change. ┬ęKevin Carden - spoke about who they were, what they do, and what keeps them up at night. Through these presentations scientific researchers working in the area of wildland fire science and management furthered their understanding of the pressing questions and challenges that fire management agencies face, the types of decisions they make, and the information they use to make them. Topics ranged widely from a response from the coordinators' perspective, challenges in aerial fire operations, firefighter safety, resource needs and planning, to the evolution of fire management strategies from full suppression to appropriate response. Researchers from academia and fire management agencies gave examples of high-impact research to date, like advances in satellite and unmanned aerial vehicles for high resolution, high frequency remote sensing and image processing, and discussed the importance of knowledge transfer between researchers and fire man