Fields Notes 18.1 - Page 12

LIFE AT FIELDS MATH IN MOTION… GIRLS IN GEAR! November 25, 2017 • University of Toronto Scarborough Organizer: Judy Shanks MIMGIG 2017 was opened by Lana Paton of PwC Canada. The students then attended two of four 70-minute sessions, including: Programming by Picture, Connecting the Dots, Powering the Future, and Get Creative! Why You’ll Love Designing Apps. 12 The extremely popular Design Challenge was the first event in the afternoon. Students worked in 26 teams of four to build egg protectors. Each team then dropped their protected egg from the fourth floor to see which group’s egg would come closest to their target without breaking. Afterwards, the students were treated to an inspiring video message from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Federal Minister of Science, provided an encouraging and motivating message to the students. The day ended with prizes awarded to the students who finished first in the morning's large group activity, as well as the top three teams in the Design Challenge. It was a great day for all who attended.  Math in Motion… Girls in Gear! (MIMGIG) is an annual event that engages 100 grade nine girls from across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), to participate in a full day of hands‑on activities and interactive lectures led by female role models in math, science and engineering. MIMGIG is an outreach event of the Computer and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Toronto Scarborough. The goal is to encourage girls to continue their secondary studies in mathematics and consider pursuing STEM‑related fields in their post­‑secondary studies.