Fields Notes 18.1 - Page 10

Thematic Program on Geometric Analysis (Continued) the summer school. The seminars had over 18 speakers, most of whom were either long‑term visitors of the thematic program (e.g. Xianzhe Dai, Klaus Kröncke, Guofang Wei, Eric Woolgar, Ana Menezes) or were participants of the workshops or summer schools with longer visit periods (e.g. Jason Lotay, Tommaso Pacini, Gerhard Huisken). There were also speakers who were short-term visitors (e.g. Frank Morgan, Blake Temple, Ben Chow). The Thematic Program featured two special graduate classes. The first one, Variational theory of minimal surfaces was taught jointly by the Dean’s Distinguished Visiting Professors Fernando Codá Marques and André Neves—they are world‑class researchers and outstanding lecturers. The second graduate course, Introduction to mean curvature flow was taught by Robert Haslhofer (University of Toronto). There were nine strong postdocs for the program, including the Fields-Ontario Postdoctoral Fellows Gong Chen and Panagiotis Gianniotis, and the Marsden Postdoctoral Fellow Mohammad Najafi Ivaki. Throughout the program, there were two regularly‑scheduled events: the Fields Institute Geometric Analysis Colloquium held almost every Wednesday (sometimes with two speakers on the same day) and the Geometric Analysis Postdoctoral Seminar held frequently on Thursdays and organized by the postdoctoral fellows associated with the program. The organizers feel that the Thematic Program on Geometric Analysis was enormously successful, and had an outstanding semester at the Fields Institute, positively impacting the lives and the careers of many mathematicians, especially junior researchers.  Participants at the Summer School on Geometric Analysis • July 10-21, 2017 10