Fields Notes 17:3 | Page 19

What’s even more astonishing, is that the classification still works with non-contiguous pieces of each DNA sequence. “The genome is a little bit like a book in many volumes. It’s a language, like English. So this [method] captures something like word frequency. You can notice that you have the word ‘the’ occurring very frequently whether you take the whole volume or whether you take a sentence here or a sentence there.” This is especially exciting given that most sequencing results actually come in separate chunks, which are then fit together using other algorithms. With this method, you wouldn’t even need to do that part before classification could begin. “We developed a quantitative, universal mathematical method that is able to tell the relationship between species. This is not to be understated.”  PROF. LILA KARI ON GENDER EQUITY IN MATHEMATICS "I am 100% sure that this is a cultural, artificial construct, because I come from a country where it doesn’t exist. I studied in Romania where computer science was in the Department of Mathematics and 2/3 of all the students were girls. So when I hear that someone points out, 'oh it’s biological', I just laugh them away. I’ve tried to think very hard in hindsight, what it was that made me study math – I never thought it would be a problem. Nobody implied to us in any way whatsoever at any stage of development that girls should not be able to do math." — Malgosia Ip The Panel "Don't put a woman on a committee.. Make her the president. Put women in positions of power, not supporting roles." — Almut Burchard "There have to be proactive approaches to hiring... with the tenure system, change happens very slowly." — Anthony Bonato "Quotas are not going to work.. maybe "blind" hiring practises are one way to reduce bias." — Kathleen Miao The Ada Lovelace Day panel 19