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is managed through the Fields Commercial and Industrial Mathematics Program .
“ We ’ re very excited by the potential of this new relationship with the DMZ ,” says Fields Deputy Director Huaxiong Huang . “ The Fields Commercial and Industrial Mathematics Program is always looking for new partnerships to expose our students to industry challenges . As the leading tech incubator in North America , the DMZ can give our students valuable exposure to the development of cutting-edge technology and starting new enterprises . In turn , Fields can provide mathematical expertise and refer promising new startups in the mathematical space .”
Founded in 2010 , the DMZ is the leading business incubator for tech startups in Canada . The DMZ helps startups grow great businesses by connecting them with customers , capital , coaches and a community of innovators to help them scale globally .
“ At the DMZ , we ’ re actively looking to connect Canadian entrepreneurs with business opportunities to help them further tap into industry and market expertise ,” said Abdullah Snobar , executive director of the DMZ at Ryerson University . “ We look forward to welcoming the Fields Institute as a partner that will help us capitalize on the breadth of Canadian innovations in mathematical sciences .” �

Fields Board Member Named Canada ’ s Chief Science Advisor

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the appointment of Dr . Mona Nemer in Ottawa last month .
ONE OF FIELDS NEWEST BOARD MEMBERS , Dr . Mona Nemer , was appointed as Canada ’ s Chief Science Advisor , following an open , transparent , and merit-based selection process . The new role is part of the government ’ s commitment to support scientists and strengthen the role of science in government .
“ We have taken great strides to fulfill our promise to restore science as a pillar of government decision-making ,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau . “ Today , we took another big step forward by announcing Dr . Mona Nemer as our Chief Science Advisor . Dr . Nemer brings a wealth of expertise to the role . Her advice will be invaluable and inform decisions made at the highest levels . I look forward to working with her to promote a culture of scientific excellence in Canada .”
Dr . Nemer is a renowned health researcher and an accomplished senior academic leader , including more than ten years as the Vice-President , Research at the University of Ottawa .
As Chief Science Advisor , Dr . Nemer will provide impartial scientific advice to the Prime Minister and the Minister of
Science . She will also ensure that government science remains open and freely accessible to Canadians .
“ I am honoured and excited to be Canada ’ s Chief Science Advisor ,” said Dr . Nemer . “ I am very pleased to be representing Canadian science and research – work that plays a crucial role in protecting and improving the lives of people everywhere .” �